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V1.1.6 Thursday, August 1 2013 +Fixed Bug #99, Broken CLI functionality. Now looks at XDG_SESSION_COOKIE, XDG_SEAT, and DISPLAY, introduced by multi-user fix. +Fixed bug where if fifo are not found in client mode, parcellite segfaults. +Apply patch for typo in German translation, patch #30. +Updated parcellite.pot (cd po && make update-po). +Changed name of history file from hist.test to history (debug escape). To restore the history, Quit Parcellite, then cd to $HOME/.local/share/parcellite mv hist.test history +Added script to generate parcellite.pot & check in file, and gets run before each release from +Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. V1.1.5 Wednesday, July 17 2013 +Added ppa script. +Updated German Translation from patch by Christoph Wickert. +Fixed bug 79, reverse order doesn't work. +Added fifo_cmd, and stop_all, run_all commands. +Fixed bug 82, Parcellite sometimes eats about twenty last characters from a an entry in history. +Fixed bug where item length reverts to 50 if > 75. Now uses DEF_ITEM_LENGTH_MAX. +Added Frame creation to add_section. +Tentative Fix for bug 81, Cannot run for multiple users, on multiple X sessions. +Fixed bug 83, Ctrl+c/v does not work for blender. +Added automake rule to set svn version each time svn version is built. +Fixed svnversion to use local copy. +Added Clipboard standard usage notes to main.c. +Fixed Bug 85, Garbage in clipboard when app is closed. +Fixed Bug 86, Parcellite not putting history text in clipboard. +Fixed Bug 87,Error converting selection from UTF8_STRING fills X log. +Improved documentation for Actions. +Fix bug 88, Parcellite does not work with appindicator in Raring. +Fix bug 92, Ctrl-Shift/Right-Click followed by Clear produces SegFault/Double Free. +Added Keyboard Input feature. +Fixed bug #94, spam stdout with Looking for 'indicator-menu'. +Fixed bug 97, inkscape doesn't work (other objects besides text overwritten from clip). +Added Restore Empty option in preferences, and added -v/--version option. +Fixed bug 89, odd behaviour with gnome-terminal search. +Fixed bug 91, gnome-terminal and deselect bug (again). +Fixed bug 96, entries with lots of tabs too wide/feature-request, alternate non-printing display. +Added debug_update preference (but currently disabled via DEBUG_UPDATE in parcellite.h. +Fixed GTK warning about GTK_IS_WIDGET/GTK_IS_WINDOW when history window closes. +Changed mulituser logic to look at owner of PID dir in /proc (added pid_to_uid). +Added XDG_SESSION_COOKIE check to see if we are in the same X session for multi-users. +Added gpg key for deb build (does not effect application). V1.1.4 Saturday, January 19 2013 Changes +Fixed Visual deselection bug where parcellite was doing unnecessary updates. +Changed appindicator usage. If indicator-appmenu is not strstr found, then use old status icon. +This change should revert icon behaviour back to pre-libappindicator, for WMs that are not Unity. +Added History to popup menu when running Unity. +Removed Mutex locs for clipboard updates, commented out some debug prints. V1.1.3 Thursday, January 17 2013 Changes +Fixed persistent history so it is persistent if checked. +Changed all single lists to double. +Cleaned up prefs subsystem code in add_section. +Fixed corner case bug with persistent history moving to normal. +Fixed fifo segfault on parcellite fresh install. V1.1.2 Thursday, January 17 2013 Changes +Added tooltips for Primary,copy, and syncronize options. +Fixed lockup bug recently introduced. +Fixed status icon showing up with -n in appindicator. +Changed Paste All to Copy All to clip. V1.1.1 Wednesday, January 16 2013 Changes +Added Paste All on history item right-click. +Added Edit on history item right-click. +Fix Bug 3417225,Alt+c clear invoked when Ctrl+Alt+c is hotkey. +Fix Bug 2687052(re-introduced in rc7) that auto-deselects text in apps like LyX and DevHelp. SVN319 +Added tooltip for Action/Command column headers. +Fixed so it shows correct svn revision +Added automatic paste via xdotool. +Added multiple items per line on preferences subsytem. V1.1.0 Wednesday, January 16 2013 Changes ***This is a major release.*** +Added patch 3389976 - history menu crash, utf-8 +Added UTF-8 checks on incomming text streams. +Changed history entries to structures (and history file format) to support upcoming features. +Added persistent history list and corresponding hot key. +Added right-click either history list with a Move To or cancel. +Added Save As for the history file - writes a text file out. +Major rewrite of cliboard handling. It is now very simple and eliminates a lot of CPU overhead. +Fixed bug 3560995, mouse button events causing false searches. +Added appindicator so it appears in unity. +Completely re-wrote prefs sybsystem, so prefs are easier to add. +Fixed wide dialog, and quit instant activation. +Added current entry on to preference. +Added locking for clipboard updates. +Fixed lost clip entries when selecting existing history clip entries. V1.0.2rc6 Wednesday, January 9 2013 Changes +Applied glib patch from bug 3518845 +Applied 0 size Action file lockup from bug 3459123 +Fixed arrow/home/page up keys messing up search-as-you-type. +Fixed having multiple copies of parcellite. Checks to see if already running. +Fixed double backspace on search-as-you-type. +Fixed command line copies to clipboard. Should work on all X sessions. +Note: entry is not immediately added to clipboard. There is a 1/2 sec delay. V1.0.2rc5 Friday, September 9 2011 Changes +Fixed the primary deselect and file cut/paste issue. V1.0.2rc4 Monday, September 5 2011 Changes +Fix bugs introduced in clipboard code selection. Should fix primary deselect and file cut/paste issue. +Applied FSF Address change patch from Andrew Starr-Bochicchio, Debian. +Changed history limit to 1000. +Applied build patch on new Debian boxes Andrew Starr-Bochicchio, Debian. V1.0.2rc3 Sunday, August 7 2011 Changes +Fixed xdg compliance, based on patch by Victor Ananjevsky. +Fixed Status Icon missing on execute Action. +Fixed Capture Hyperlinks only +Added Ignore Whitespace only +Added Trim Whitespace +Added Trim Newlines +Fixed Actions having HTML markup in the clipboard entry. +Fixed goption warning. +Updated Russian (Alexander Kazancev). +Updated Catalan translation, position type. (Fuertes::Benjami) +cleaned up clipboard handling stuff, which broke primary selection. V1.0.2rc2 Tuesday, April 05 2011 Changes +Fixed E, Alt-E (edit clipboard) not working bug. V1.0.2rc1 Thursday, March 24 2011 Changes +Move to, fix so just links with gtk+ +Removed files autogenerated by automake tools. +Added auto-insert svn version for svn builds. +Changed item_length to go down to 5 and up to 100. +Changed Hot Keys so they activate on keypress. +Added Ctrl,Shift-delete functionality. +Added debian package build script. V1.0.1 Thursday, March 9 2011 Changes +Fixed build so dist-clean does not remove icons. +Added wrapper p_strcmp so it builds with Gtk <2.16 V1.0.0 Wednesday, March 2 2011 Changes +Created new icon 'parcellite' and added it to install. +Moved newline to after elipsizing (thanks, Christian). +Added right-click delete. +Added history location +Added search as you type. +Added Data Size limt. V0.9.3 Monday, December 20 2010 Changes +Fixed 100% CPU bug that occurs with certain clipboard data. +Fixed list not staying at the top of the list. +Added patch that corrects clipboard losing text data when app closes. +Added more man page information. V0.9.2 Friday, January 01 2010 New + Danish translation (by Kim Jensen). + Czech translation (by Miloš Koutný). + French translation (by Vincent Coiffier). + Romanian translation (by Ovidiu D. Niţan). Changes + Modified action execution code. + Removed dependency on pthreads. + Clear option clears clipboard and primary contents. + Use accessor functions instead direct access (by Javier Jardon). + Add missing include statements to silence gcc warnings (by Ludwig Nussel). + Clipboard sync cannot be enabled unless both copy and primary are enabled. + Empty clipboard and primary recovery no longer overwrites contents of other types. + Removes newline characters ('\n') from the history menu entries (by Daniel Di Marco). V0.9.1 Wednesday, March 18 2009 New + Several new translations. + Print primary contents command line option. + Clipboard and primary synchronization (by Wolfgang Schnerring). Changes + Updated translations. + Eliminated redundant disk activity. + Control-click patch for actions menu. + Selected items are bumped to the top of the history. + Improved (once again) new clipboard/primary contents handling. + Piping clipboard contents no longer truncates new line character. + New Edit Clipboard dialog. Old dialog had strange behavior under different window managers. V0.9 Thursday, November 20 2008 New + Confirm clear option. + Parcellite menu hotkey. + Translated .desktop files. + Hungarian and turkish translation. + Support for managing x-selection (primary). + Prevent empty clipboard. Clipboard/Primary contents are backed up and recovered if they ever become NULL. Changes + Fixed/updated daemon mode. + Changed preferences dialog. + Changed actions preferences to use GtkTreeView's built in editing mode. + Fixed bug with icon showing up in --no-icon mode when you execute an action. + Fixed parcellite-startup.desktop to include "Type=Application" to prevent desktop-file-validate from failing. V0.8 Monday, August 11 2008 New + Daemon mode. + Reverse history option. + Internationalization support. + German, Russian, Italian and Spanish translations. + No-icon option (uses Ctrl-Alt-P for the menu). Changes + Menu generation and display is quicker. + Selected items also get copied to primary. + History shows newest item first by default. + Performance and overall improvement on action executions. V0.7 Sunday, March 30 2008 New + Added man page. + Option to disable/enable saving history. Changes + Removed startup option. + Performance improvements. + Runs at startup by default in GNOME (remove via GNOME's Sessions application). + Config now saves in ~/.config/parcellite following specifications. + Data now saves in ~/.local/share/parcellite following specifications. + Bugfix: Assertion error on first run. V0.6.1 Sunday, February 24 2008 Changes + Renamed to to clear up that it only uninstalls pre-0.5 versions of parcellite. + Bugfix: Edit clipboard window skipping taskbar prevented quitting if it was open and the window manager minized all windows. V0.6 Sunday, February 03 2008 New + Added global hotkeys for history and actions menu. <Ctrl><Alt>C for clipboard and <Ctrl><Alt>A for actions by default. Changes + Changed icon tooltip text to generic "Clipboard Manager." + Added additional verbose comments in code. + Bugfix: Edit clipboard not destroying window when finished. V0.5.1 Monday, January 21 2008 Changes + Fixed memory leak. V0.5 Saturday, January 19 2008 Notes + Remove your old .parcellite directory when upgrading to this version. + Run "python" as root to uninstall pre-0.5 versions of parcellite. New + Translated to C. Faster, leaner, etc. + Parcellite now features command line access to the clipboard. Example uses: echo "Hello World" | parcellite (copies Hello World to clipboard) parcellite Hello World (copies Hello World to clipboard) parcellite -o (prints clipboard contents) echo "Hello World" | parcellite -o (copies Hello World to clipboard and prints it) Changes + Added icon in about dialog. + Allow multiple instances (though I don't see why you would; could experience problems). V0.4.1 Thursday, December 13 2007 + Updated how items get captured. + Bugfix: Files couldn't save if .parcellite folder was deleted while Parcellite was running. + Bugfix: Clear was emptying clipboard contents. V0.4 Thursday, November 15 2007 New feature: Clipboard Actions + Control-clicking the tray icon brings up the new actions menu for quick shell commands using the clipboard contents (similar but simpler than Klipper actions). Changes + Added new control-click menu (actions) to the tray icon. + Added new tab in the preferences dialog for editing actions. + Minor changes to some GTK+ code, mostly variable name changes and cleanup. V0.3.2 Thursday, November 08 2007 + Minor changes to conform to Debian policies. V0.3.1 Thursday, November 01 2007 + Fixed typo. V0.3 Thursday, November 01 2007 + Added various options to change the way items are displayed. V0.2 Friday, October 05 2007 + Removed dependancy on glade. + Bugfix: Quit with open dialogs produced strange behaviour because the app does not have a main window. V0.1 Wednesday, September 19 2007 + First release.
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