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What is Pandora FMS?

Pandora FMS is one of the most flexible Open Source monitoring software. It provides unparalleled flexibility for IT to address both immediate and unforeseen operational issues, including infrastructure and IT processes. It uniquely enables business and IT to adapt to changing needs through a flexible and rapid approach to IT and business deployment.

Main features

  • Network monitoring: SNMPv3, IPv6 and autodiscovery of network systems. WMI and WEB monitoring included.
  • Server monitoring (Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOSX): Agent and agentless
  • Multitenant: it provides several layers of ACL management and user visibility
  • More than 30 graphical reports: SLA, Prediction, Top N, ITIL, interface, events, inventory among others
  • User defined visual console screens and WYSIWYG dashboards
  • Event generation and management system for 24x7 operation teams.
  • Network topology maps
  • GIS tracking and viewing.
  • High capacity (thousands of devices).
  • Capable of storing several years of information.
  • Integrated with eHorus for remote server management.
  • Agent-based monitoring combined with distributed, remote monitoring.

Community edition: Free. Forever.

To get community support you can visit our forums at Stay updated through our community website at

  • Last stable version: 7.0 NG.

  • Legacy versions maintained: 6.x

Enterprise edition

If you are looking for sales information or professional support, visit

Want to contribute?

We are Open Source and we are proud of it. Submit your contributions to our GitHub repository.

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