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function PAMELA(n_D,N,M,core_radius,total_radius,flagEXX) % PAMELA (Pseudospectral Analysis Method with Exchange & Local % Approximations) is an open-source code for calculating the Fermi energy % and eigenenergies of occupied wavefunctions for a cylindirical core-shell % nanowire. Calculations are performed using a pseudospectral method with % a Chebyshev grid in R and a Fourier grid in Theta. If this code is used % to generate results for publication, please cite the following paper: % % A. W. Long and B. M. Wong, AIP Advances 2, 032173 (2012) % % n_D is the doping density in units of 10^21/cm^3 % N must be an odd number and represents the number of points to discretize % the R direction. Since (R,Theta) has a 2-to-1 mapping with (X,Y), this % calculation only considers positive R (meaning that the number of % points in 0<R<total_radius is actually (N-1)/2) % M must be an even number and represents the number of points to % discretize the Theta component of the grid % core_radius is the radius (in nm) of the nanowire core % total_radius is the radius (in nm) of the entire nanowire (including core) % flagEXX is used to indicate if the calculation should include an Exact % Exchange (EXX) term (if not set, defaults to 0 or NO EXX)
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