Be more efficicient in Adobe Lightroom! Paddy throughput more than 100% by mapping the sliders, presets, camera profiles, and any shortcut to unused keys, external Keyboards and MIDI controllers. Easy interface, equivalent to very expensive commercial solutions. Also supports Scripting in Lightroom, relative presets, ext


  • Push button access to all, including sliders and presets in Lightroom
  • Use Midi controllers with Lightroom
  • Supports external keyboards natively, including the XKeys Professional 58 key keyboard that is similar to RPK keys, and any other keyboard that can send a keystroke via USB
  • Supports mapping of the Numpad keys (e.g., CTRL-HOME) , Functions keys, and any other key so you do not need external hardware
  • Scripting engine for Adobe Lightroom
  • Free (1 cent registration after 50 days)

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User Reviews

  • der Ansatz von Paddy für Lightroom ist genial. Die intuitive Bearbeitung von Bildern via Midicontroller ist einfach unübertroffen. Ohne geht schon fast nicht mehr. Leider läuft das Programm nur sporadisch. Das Hilfeforum scheint nicht mehr zu existieren, nach dem dort immer wieder Hilferufe laut wurden. Das Projekt scheint seit Herbst 2013 nicht mehr weiter entwickelt zu werden. Schade! Knobroom wäre eine Alternative; allerdings nur für den Mac.

  • in LR I cant live without Paddy!

  • Very usefull plugin for lightroom is like an analogic photo editing on digital darkroom.

  • excellent software. amazing workflow speedup even while using with regular keyboard! ability to apply your own logic to controls of the program. that's what we need from initial Lightroom developers! yet still huge potential for improvements.

  • Can't imagine how could i work in Lightroom without this software?! Thank you so much

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English, German

Intended Audience

End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows), Windows Aero

Programming Language