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  • Good ssh manager.

  • An indispensable tool.

  • Nice application. Very useful. When editing a connection, right clicking on a field and having a copy/past option would be great. Currently, it is a pain. For some reason, It is present when editing the preferences fields; but not the connections fields.

  • I've been using this daily for several years now. It's fantastic. Couldn't live without it.

  • Great time saving tool.

  • Debian 9 Open and freeze at try to ssh connect, help!!

  • I am looked for remote connections manager for Linux for quite a long time, this one is best what I am found. There are still some small issues, but I am quite satisfied.

  • Essential utility for my work and personal use, administering servers via SSH. It's the first app I run when I login to my terminal, and the last one I close before logging out. Amazing feature set, and very easy to manage multiple machines simultaneously. A big thank you to the developer of this tool!

  • good software. I like it. :)

  • I am trying to use a private key that AWS generated, to SSH in to a server. All the other SSH clients use the key without any problems. Pac is telling me that the key is not secure enough and it will be ignored. Is there is way to turn this elevated security off? I do not want to re

  • A very complete and useful software.

  • Very helpful software.

  • PAC allows me to keep everything i need in one place it's fast and simple, it's probably the app i use most throughout the day great stuff !

  • bug report:in Linux Mint 17, You press alt+tab after you open a new connection in TAB, but it doesn't change to other applications, you have to click PAC window before trying again. How to fix It?

  • Really complete software!

  • I was looking for a Putty alternative on Linux, because I work with many connections and "just ssh" is not an option. I've found PAC.. and now I'm looking for PAC for windows!! :D

  • Very good product, best ssh client for catalogue many different servers.

  • Good soft

  • the tool is very good !!!

  • awesome

  • Good piece of software. Just remember to hit that 2nd "Save" button on the bottom after making changes!

  • Can't believe I just found this after all these years with PuTTy and strange rdesktop scripts. Invaluable for anyone with more than one host at their network.

  • Great Work!! better than payed software and allows many customizations, a swiss knife that every sysadmin must have!!

  • great!

  • Thank you for the program

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