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3.4.1 2012-10-21
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3.2.0 2011-01-14
3.1.0 2010-08-20
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2.2.0 2008-04-17
2.1.1 2007-08-15
2.1.0 2007-07-30
2.0.0 2007-06-10
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Features and bug fixes in 4.0.0 Supported Java versions: Java 7, Java 8 Features Add a copy/move ontology method to OWLOntologyManager #12 Search introduced to replace forSuperPosition, forSubPosition, ignoreAnnotations booleans Imports.INCLUDED, Imports.EXCLUDED introduced instead of boolean arguments #156 introduced ChangeApplied to simplify code around applying changes and remove null warnings Introduction of Searcher with transform functions OWLOntology now exposes a new method for searching for axioms referring an entity, abstracting all various getAxiomsBy... methods. Refactor OWLSignature for uniform imports closure use Refactored OWLAxiomCollection for uniform use of import closure Added targeted parsing to allow one and only one parser to be tried on a document input source. Takes into account MIME type as well. Use MultiMap from Guava throughout V4.0.0 #153 OBO parser updated and replaced with oboformat 5.5 release @Nonnull annotations and warnings Centralised and uniformed sax parser factories OWLOntologyID to use Optional #160 Refactored property hierarchy to remove generics. Added an OWLParser implementation to enable actual use of DL parser Added a pairwise visitor, changed storage strategy for nary axioms. The pairwise visitor interface is a functional interface that is applied to all distinct pairs in a collection of objects. Added asPairwiseAxioms to all nary axiom types Added HasPriority annotation and comparator for prioritizable objects Added PriorityCollection for managing injected collections Added ServiceLoader adapter for Guice injection Added ManchesterOWLSyntaxParser interface to api OWLAPITOOLS profiles and fixers included Added Profiles enumeration and supported OWL profile for known reasoners. Dependency injection enabled for fixers. Added Guice module for creating OWLOntologyManager and OWLDataFactory Introduced OWLOntologyBuilder to allow swapping OWLOntology implementations via Guice Service loader module in api to be used independently of the owlapi-impl module Add RDFa parser and use static META-INF/services files for owlapi-rio Add JSON-LD support Add rdf:langString from RDF 1.1 to OWL/RDF vocabulary. Better BOM treatment through Apache BOMInputStream Use SLFJ for logging Guava 17 Guice 4.0-beta Added jsr305 for Nonnull and Nullable annotations Fix build and javadoc for Java 8 Do not raise violations from entities used only in declarations. Do not add declarations for illegal punnings when saving ontologies #112 Do not cache any literals in OWLDataFactoryInternalsImpl. Overall improvement of about 9% when parsing Gene Ontology in FSS. Implement Default prefix manager in prefix ontology format objects cannot be overriden #9 Implement automatic retries when loading from URLs, managed through OWLOntologyLoaderConfiguration #66 Switched OWLDataFactory IllegalArgumentExceptions to NullPointerExceptions #131 Handle annotations on punned types when rendering RDF #183 Add OWLOntologyManagerFactory and code to allow use of RioOWLRDFParser through an injector Convert RioParserImpl to stream statements through wherever possible Default datatype in RDFLiteral to PLAIN_LITERAL. Made generated classes package protected Rename OWLObjectRenderer to FunctionalSyntaxObjectRenderer OWLReasoner change lists generic Moved OWLOntologyFormat implementation to formats package Performance improvement for rdf/xml rendering Optimised functional renderer and prefix manager feature: OBO parser replaced with oboformat. OWL2Datatype implements HasIRI Add XSD IRIs simple parsing support #56 GZip read/write ability Manchester OWL syntax cleanup Bug fixes (ported to 3.5) Fixed #198 A SubClassOf B will not parse Fixed IRI with a space: %20 escape #146 Old OWLEntityCollector brought forward as DeprecatedOWLEntityCollector Fixed serialization warnings reported in #163 Use AtomicLong for concurrency support in gzip document sources Moved transitive object property type to rbox Set turtle default prefix slash aware #121 Fixed #116 import statement erroneously names anonymous ontology Added test for roundtripping annotated SWRL rules and datatype definitions Fixed annotations on datatype definition axioms fixed in OWL/XML Fixed #20 and #60 use zipped buffer for StreamDocumentBase Fixed #71 Misleading message on resolving illegal IRI Fixed variable rendering in Manchester OWL Syntax to preserve ns. Fixed #46 Round tripping error in functional syntax Fixed #40 RDFGraph.getSortedTriplesForSubject throws exception in Java7 Fixed infinite recursion on cyclic import structures when declaration does not match location. 3.4.10 18 January 2014 Bugs: Fixes #72 Manchester syntax roundtrip of doubles and SWRL rules fails Fixes #24 Manchester Syntax writer generates unparsable file simple renderer writes duplicate annotations Optimised functional renderer and prefix manager Fix #63 null pointer exception loading an ontology and fix #64 empty ontology returned Fixes #63 OBO Ontology Parsing throws NullPointer updated OSGi settings for oboformat, module name, dependencies fix bundle configuration for oboformat Features: Improved feature 32 implementation (simple SWRL variables rendering) javadoc warnings and errors removed to allow building with Java 8 refactored OWLAxiomVisitorExAdapter for general use performance improvement for rdf/xml Renamed variables, added explicit flush. Fixes #67 slow functional sytnax renderer on Java 6 default, final and abstract classes changed to allow interface verification add oraclejdk8 early access build to travis update oboformat class names to sync with oboformat project make OBOFormatException extend OWLParserException 3.4.9 25 November 2013 Features: Added default methods and return values for a few visitor adapters #57 Reimplement NodeID so that it doesn't use an inner class #56 parse things like xsd:string easily feature: OBO parser replaced with oboformat. Original code at: Bug fixes: Fixed wrong naming of gzip file source and target and added stream only versions. Restore UnparseableOntologyException interface Added back deprecated parseConstant for compatibility with Pellet CLI code. Warning: it has bugs. 3.4.8 02 November 2013 Bug fixes: Fixes #40 Fixes #7 RDFGraph.getSortedTriplesForSubject throws exception in Java7 Refactored TripleComparator into RDFTriple and RDFNode as Comparable DLQueryExample did not print the StringBuilder with the answers Fixes #50 Null anonymous individual parsing ObjectHasValue from OWL/XML Fixes SF 313 Man Syntax Parser gives facets unexpected datatype Fixes SF 101 Manchester OWL Syntax Parser doesn't do precedence correctly Fixes #43 Functional Syntax Parser does not support comments Fixes #41 Parsing error of SWRL atom. Fixes #46 Round tripping error in functional syntax Fixes #37 setAddMissingTypes logging if disabled Missed serialization transients and tests, serialization bug fixes Patch IRI.create(String,String) to match IRI.create(String) Features: GZip read/write ability. Compressed gzip input and output streams, but make sure to close the stream in the calling code. OSGI dependency removed Added Namespaces.inNamespace Made ParserException to extend OWLParserException, and OWLParserException a runtime exception. Tidying up Manchester OWL Syntax parser code Added to the documentation on getOWLDatatype(OWLDataFactory) Added a convenience method to convert an OWL2Datatype object to an OWLDatatype. mvn install and mvn deploy now make aggregate sources available. Added more well known namespaces, removed non-explanatory comments Added RDFa Core Initial Context prefixes and other well known prefixes and prefix names. GITHUB-10 : Add RDFa Core Initial Context prefixes Extend Namespaces enum with common prefixes 3.4.5 25 July 2013 Mostly a maintenance release. Two important bug fixes: - a literal parsing error was stopping HermiT builds with 3.4.4. - errors in OSGI support were stopping Protege from using the feature. Bug fixes: Fix #370 Typo in website/htdocs/reasoners.html. Fixed a bug with large integer values being parsed as negative ints. Fix infinite recursion on cyclic import structures. Reverted the use of ThreadLocal as this causes memory leaks in webapps. Bug #343 SWRL roundtrip in manchester syntax Features and improvements: Refactored DefaultPrefixManager to expose addPrefixes Updated pom files for OSGI compatible artifacts. Allow override of DefaultPrefixManager in PrefixOWLOntologyFormat Add CollectionFactory.getExpectedThreads Reduce expected threads from 16 to 8 to improve general performance 3.4.4 19 May 2013 Features and updates implemented: feature 103 - Add methods to get EntityType names. Updated IRI prefix caching to use thread local caches rather than synchronized caches. added test for annotation retrieval for anonymous individuals. WeakIndexCache vulnerability fixed. Improved redirect following. Added method to OWLOntologyLoaderConfiguration to disable cross protocol redirects on URLConnections. Added parameter to OWLOntologyFormat for temp files, default disabled. Update all JavaCharStream versions to fix the UTF BOM issue. Travis Integration (on github). Update KE interface with getBlocker method. OSGI compatible build. Removed IRI.toString() call when checking blank nodes. Change logging of remaining triples to use less memory. updates for javadoc. Update Mockito to 1.9.5. Bugs fixed: Bug #369 IRI.create(String) uses / and # to look for namespace and fragments. Bug #348 ManchesterOWLSyntax round trip problem with disjoint classes. Bug #269 single anonymous individual split in two on save to RDF. Bug #319 redirects from http to https are not followed. Bug #367 Serving ontologies from github as well. Bug 4 (github) Missing method in OWLIndividual. Bug 359 Incorrect Javadoc in OWL2DatatypeImpl and redundant javadoc. Bug 360 - Axiom annotations are not parsed correctly. Bug 364 Null pointer checking for containment of anonymous ontologies. Bug #363 Turtle parser fails when loading valid Turtle document. Bug 362 - owlapi files in temp folder. Bug 357 duplicate axioms saving in OWL functional syntax. Bug 355 - added assertions. Ability to parse 1+e7 as 10000000. Bug 355 - Turtle Parser + Integer format Problem. OntologyAlreadyExist bug when calls are made too fast. 3.4.3 26 Jan 2013 Features implemented: Updated OWLFunctionalSyntaxFactory with more methods. Removed deprecated method calls. Test package broken up in smaller packages. Web site updated and added to version management. Bugs fixed: Changed VersionInfo message default to provide more information. Bug 354 fixed: There is AnnotationChange, but no AnnotationChangeData Bug 353 fixed: SimpleRenderer renders SubDataPropertyOfAxiom wrong. Bug 351 fixed: QNameShortFormProvider swapped prefix and iri. Bug 352 fixed: SimpleRenderer does not escape double quotes in literals. 3.4.2 4 Dec 2012 Features implemented: Repository migrated to Git. Fixed memory leak with OWLObject signatures never being released once cached. Improved Serializable implementation. Made timeout property functional. 3585007 Make OWLAxiomChange.isAdd(). 3579488 Clean documentation page. 3578004 Javadoc OWLRDFVocabulary. 3578003 Add OWLOntologyManager.removeOntology(OntologyID). 3578002 Add new constructor for SetOntologyID. 3576182 Bump minimum java version to 1.6. 3575834 Improvements to OWLOntologyManager and related contrib. 3566810 Lack of support in OWLOntologyManager for version IRIs. 3521809 KRSS parser throws Error instead of RuntimeException. Bugs closed: Some OWLLiterals cannot be optimised: -0.0^^xsd:float, 01^^xsd:int (optimisation with primitive types makes reasoners queasy in combination with W3C tests). 3590243 hashCode for literals inconsistent. 3590084 misuse of XMLUtils.getNCNameSuffix(). 3581575 OWLOntologyDocumentAlreadyExistsException in OWL API 3.4.1. 3580114 IRI isAbsolute method. 3579862 OWLDataFactory.getRDFPlainLiteral creates new objects. 3579861 rdf:PlainLiteral is not in the allowed OWL2EL datatypes. 3.4.1 16 Sep 2012 Features implemented: 3578004 OWLRDFVocabulary Javadoc 3575834 Improvements to OWLOntologyManager and related contrib Bugs closed: 3463200 rdf/functional round trip problem (anonymous individuals) 3341637 round trip problem with owl functional or rdf/xml syntax 3576182 Bump minimum java version to 1.6 (Fixed the bugs, moved the request to feature requests) 3497161 Manchester syntax imports 3403855 Imports of multiple ont docs containing the same ont fails 3491516 unhelpful Manchester parse exception 3536150 TypeOntologyHandler/TPVersionIRIHandler overwrite ontologyID 3314432 Manchester OWL parser does not handle data ranges in rules 3186250 annotation assertion lost when annotation prop undeclared 3309666 [Turtle] Parsing turtle files containing relative IRIs 3562296 Switch version 3.4.1 to 3.4.1-SNAPSHOT 3560287 Is QNameShortFormProvider deprecated? 3566820 Missing Imports are not reported 3306980 file in Manchester OWL Syntax with BOM doesn't parse 3559116 Wrong VersionInfo in OWL-API 3.4 release 2887890 Parsing hasValue restrictions with punned properties fails 3178902 RDF/XML round trip problem with 3-way equivalent classes 3174734 ManSyntax fails to read ontology with single data property 3440117 Turtle parser doesn't handle qnames with empty name part ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version restructures the Maven modules into six modules: api, impl, parsers, tools, apibinding and contract. Code is unchanged, only its organization in the SVN is changed. To split the dependencies accordingly, DefaultExplanationOrderer is in contract and is only a shell for ExplanationOrdererImpl, which does not depend on OWLManager directly. This enables the tools module to be used with a different apibinfing without recompilation. Main bugs fixed: 3554073 Manchester Syntax Parser won't parse DisjointUnionOf 3552028 DataFactory returns integer instead of double restrictions 3550607 property cycle detection does not work 3545194 OWLEquivalentObjectProperties as SubObjectPropertyOfAxioms 3541476 OWLRDFConsumer.getErrorEntity counter is not thread safe 3541475 Remove shared static in OWLOntologyXMLNamespaceManager 3535046 Use ArrayList instead of TreeSet in TurtleRenderer 3532600 Use AtomicInteger in OWLOntologyID for counter ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.3 (15 May 2012) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version wraps together some minor bug fixes and some performance improvements for loading time and memory footprint for large ontologies. Maven support has been much improved, thanks to Thomas Scharrenbach's efforts and Peter Ansell's feedback and suggestions. Main bugs fixed: - OBO Parser updated to be more compliant with the latest draft of the OBO syntax and semantics spec. - OBO Parser doesn't expand XREF values (3515525) - Integrating with OpenRDF (3512217) - maven should use snapshot versions during development (3511755) - junit should be in maven test scope (3511754) - mvn clean install requires gpg key (3511732) - OWLOntologyManager.contains(IRI) bug (3497086) - Functional and Manchester syntax writers prefix problem (3479677) - SyntacticLocalityModuleExtractor and SubAnnotationPropertyOf (3477470) - Ignored Imports List uses the wrong IRIs (3472712) - OWLLiteralImpl corrupts non-ascii unicode (3452932) - OWLOntologyXMLNamespaceManager QName problem (3449316) - MultiImportsTestCase assumes incorrect working directory (3448125) - Mismatch between HasKeyTestCase and corresponding resource (3447280) - functional Renderer: OWLObjectRenderer swaps SWRL variables (3442060) - maven build fails because of dependency issue (3440757) - manchester owl syntax doesn't handle rules with anon classes (3421317) - RDFTurtleFormatter doesn't escape '\' (3415108) - RDF consumer does not check for all annotated axiom triples (3405822) - mis-parsing/mis-serialization of haskey (3403359) - Literal not a builtin (3305113) - OWL API throws NullPointerException loading ontology (3302982) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.2.4 (22 July 2011) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version of the API is released under both LGPL v3 and Apache license v2; developers are therefore free to choose which one to use. This version of the API includes minor bug fixes and a couple of new features; - Tutorial code has been added following the OWLED 2011 tutorial (subpackage tutorialowled2011); - A visitor to determine whether a set of axioms is a Horn-SHIQ ontology has been added ( Some test files and extra modules had not had their copyright notices updated to the new license; this has now been fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.2.3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version of the API is released under both LGPL v3 and Apache license v2; developers are therefore free to choose which one to use. This version of the API includes various bug fixes: - MAVEN support has been fixed (3296393). - Some minor problems with rdfs:Literal have been fixed (3305113). - Parsers and renderers for various languages have had some corner case errors fixed (3302982, 3300090, 3207844, 3235181, 3277496, 3294069, 3293620, 3235198). - An error in OWLOntologyManager.removeAxioms() which was throwing ConcurrentModificationExceptions when called on a specific axiom type has been fixed (3290632). - OWLOntologyLoaderConfiguration has been introduced to provide ontology wise parsing configuration (strict and lax parsing modes now enabled) (3203646) More options coming up. - Parsers no longer leave streams open when a parsing error is detected (3189947). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.2.2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version of the API includes various bug fixes: - In RDF based serialisations, type triples for entities that don't have "defining axioms" don't get added even if the renderer is instructed to type undeclared entities (related to 3184131). Fixed. - The RDF parser would not recognise XSD datatypes that aren't OWL 2 Datatypes even in lax parsing mode (related to 3184131). Fixed. - OWLOntologyManager.createOntology() methods don't set the document IRI of the created ontologies as adverstised if there aren't any ontology IRI mappers installed (3184878). Fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.2.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version of the API includes various bug fixes - Issues with -INF as serialisation for -infinity for floating point literals. Fixed. - Null pointer exception can be thrown by OBO parser (3162800). Fixed. - OWLOntologyManager.loadOntology() can throw unchecked exceptions (IllegalArgumentException) (3158293). Fixed. - OWLOntologyAlreadyExistsException get wrapped as as a parse exception by the OBO parser. (3165446). Fixed. - OWLRDFConsumer (OWL RDFParser) used owl:Datatype instead of rdfs:Datatype. Fixed. - OWLOntology.getDisjointUnionAxioms() does not work as expected. (3165000). Fixed. - Anonymous ontologies do not get typed as owl:Ontology during saving in RDF. (3158177). Fixed. - OWLOntology hashCode is not implemented properly. (3165583). Fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.2.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version of the API includes various bug fixes and performance enhancements since version 3.1.0 Main Bug Fixes: - Various round tripping problems for various syntaxes (3155509, 3154524, 3149789, 3141366, 3140693, 3137303, 3121903) - Plain Literals are rendered incorrectly. Fixed. - Cyclic imports cause an OntologyAlreadyExistsException to be thrown. Fixed. - OWLAxiom.getAnnotatedAxiom() does not merge annotations. Fixed. - OWLObject.getSignature() returns an unmodifiable collection. Fixed. - Various problems with character encodings (3068076, 3077637, 3096546, 3140693). Fixed. - IRI.create resulted in a memory leak. Fixed. - Imports by location does not work. Fixed. - Various problems with anonymous individuals (2998616, 2943908, 3073742). Fixed. - Dublin Core Vocabulary is built into OWL API parsers. Fixed. - Files are left open on parse errors. Fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.1.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This version of the API includes various bug fixes and enhancements since version 3.0.0. Changes to the representation of literals: Please note that there is a slight incompatibility between version 3.1.0 and version 3.0.0. This is due to some changes in the way that literals are represented and handled in the API. There was a disparity between how they are described in the OWL 2 specification and how they are represented in version 3.0.0 of the API. The changes bring 3.1.0 inline with the OWL 2 specification. The changes are as follows: OWLStringLiteral and OWLTypedLiteral have been removed and replaced OWLLiteral. In version 3.0.0 OWLLiteral was a super-interface of OWLStringLiteral and OWLTypedLiteral. Clients therefore need to replace occurrences of OWLStringLiteral and OWLTypedLiteral with OWLLiteral. Method calls need not be changed - methods on OWLStringLiteral and OWLTypedLiteral have corresponding methods on OWLLiteral. Note that all literals are now typed. What used to be regarded as OWLStringLiterals are now OWLLiterals with the datatype rdf:PlainLiteral. Although this change introduces a slight backward incompatibility with the previous version of the API we believe that the handling of literals in 3.1.0 is much cleaner and follows the specification more closely. Changes to the OWLReasoner interface: The OWLReasoner interface has been updated. There are now methods which allow for fine-grained control over reasoning tasks. For example, it is now possible to request that a reasoner just classifies the class hierarchy, when in version 3.0.0 the prepare reasoner method caused realisation to occur as well. The prepareReasoner method has been removed from the interface due to the huge amount of confusion it caused (it was not necessary to call this method to get correct results, but the name suggested that it was necessary). Clients should update their code to replace any calls to prepareReasoner with appropriate calls to precomputeInferences. JavaDoc for various methods has been cleaned up. Main Bug Fixes: - Annotations on Declaration axioms were not save. Fixed. - OWLObjectMaxCardinality restrictions incorrectly resulted in a profile violation of the OWL2RL profile. Fixed. - OWLOntology.containsAxiom() failed various round trip tests. Fixed. - OWLObjectPropertyExpression.getInverses() did not include properties that were asserted to be inverses of themselves. Fixed. - Writing large rdf:Lists can cause a stack overflow on saving. Fixed. - System.out is closed when using SystemOutDocumentTarget. Fixed. - An OWLOntologyAlreadyExists exception is thrown when an imports graph contains multiple imports of the same ontology. Fixed. - OWLReasoner.getSubclasses() is missing declarations in the throws list for runtime exceptions that get thrown. Fixed. - Parsing RDF graphs containing blank nodes with NodeIDs is broken. Fixed. - Some methods on OWLOntology return sets of object that change with ontology changes. Fixed. - Double dashes (--) are not escaped in XML comments output by the XMLWriter. Fixed. - The API sometimes prints to System.err. Fixed. - The functional syntax writer writes out annotation assertions twice. Fixed. - Ontologies with DataSomeValuesFrom restrictions are incorrectly considered non-OWL2QL. Fixed. - Ontologies with Functional data properties are incorrectly considered non-OWL2RL. Fixed. - OWL2Datatype.XSD_NAME has the wrong regex pattern. Fixed. - RDF rendering of GCIs with multiple elements is broken. Fixed. - SubObjectPropertyOf axioms with annotations and property chains don't get parsed correctly from RDF. Fixed. - StructuralReasoner sometimes crashes when determining superclasses. Fixed. - SimpleRenderer renders declarations incorrectly. Fixed. - Object property characteristics are not answered correctly. Fixed. - OWLOntology.getReferencingAxioms gives mutable and incorrect results. Fixed. - StructuralReasoner call OWLClassExpression.asOWLClass() on anonymous classes. Fixed. - SKOSVocabulary is not up to date. Fixed. - Regular expression for xsd:double has extra white space. Fixed. - Structural reasoner sometimes misses subclasses of owl:Thing. Fixed. - OWLOntologyManager.getImportsClosure() fails on reload. Fixed. - PrefixOWLOntologyFormat has not methods to remove prefixes. Fixed. - RDF/XML rendering of unicode characters is ugly. Fixed. - Turtle parser does parse shared blank nodes correctly. Fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 3.0.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 3.0.0 is incompatible with previous releases. Many interface names have been changed in order to acheive a close alignment with the names used in the OWL 2 Structural Specification and Functional Style Syntax. (See The opportunity to clean up method names was also taken. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Release 2.2.0 (17th April 2008) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes: - The getOntologyURIs method on AutoURIMapper would return physical rather than logic URIs. Fixed. - Namespaces for annotation URIs weren't generated. Fixed. - Removing a subclass axiom from an ontology cause the axiom to be added to the ontology as a GCI. Fixed. - When parsing an ontology, the accept types has been set to include RDF/XML. This means that ontologies can be parsed correctly from servers that are configured to return RDF or HTML depending on the request type. - OWL/XML writer has been modified to write the datatype URI attribute name correctly. Previously the name was written as "Datatype", however it should be "datatypeURI". - OWL/XML parser. Modified the literal handler to parse literals using the correct datatype URI attribute name (was "Datatype" and should have been "datatypeURI"). - The constructor that required a manager in BidirectionalShortFormProviderAdapter did not rebuild the cache. Fixed. - Unqualified cardinality restrictions were rendered out as qualified cardinality restrictions. Fixed. - Saving an ontology would fail if the necessary directories did not exist. Fixed. - Rendering anonymous property inverses in OWL/XML was incorrect. Fixed. - Label and Comment annotations in the functional syntax weren't parsed properly, they were parsed as regular annotations. Fixed. - In the OWLXMLParserHandler, no handler for negative data property assertions was registered. Fixed. - Annotations that have anonymous individuals as values weren't rendered correctly. Fixed. - RDFXMLOntologyStorer and RDFXMLRenderer always used the ontology format that is obtainable from the manager, regardless of whether or not a custom ontology format was specified - fixed. - Rules that contained individual or data value objects couldn't be rendered. Fixed. - Declaration axioms were automatically added for data properties whether an ontology contained declaredAs triples or not. Fixed. - Anonymous properties weren't rendered correcty. Fixed. - RDF rendering for sub property axioms whose sub property is a property chain used an old rendering. The rendering now complies with the latest OWL 2 specification. Ontologies that use the old rendering can still be parsed. - RDF lists were reordered on rendering. Fixed. Enhancements: - Added support for building using ANT - OWL 1.1 namespaces changed to OWL 2. Old ontologies that are written using the owl11 namespace will still load, but will be converted to use the owl2 namespace. - Updated the RDF parser and RDF renderer to support AllDisjointClasses and AllDisjointProperties - Added the ability to save ontologies in Turtle. - Added the ability to load ontologies that are written in Turtle - Added explanation code contributed by Clark & Parsia - Added a KRSS renderer (contributed by Olaf Noppens) - Added a new, more comprehensive KRSS parser (contributed by Olaf Noppens). This parser can parser the version of the KRSS syntax that is used by Racer. - Added the ability to specify a connection timeout for URL connections via a system property (owlapi.connectionTimeOut) - the default value for the timeout is 20 seconds. - Added a method to OWLOntologyManager to clear all registered URI mappers - Added a method to OWLOntologyManager so that imports can be obtained by an imports declaration. - Added a convenience method to OWLOntologyManager to add a set of axioms to an ontology without having to create the AddAxiom changes - Added a makeLoadImportsRequest method on OWLOntologyManager which should be used by parsers and other loaders in order to load imports - Added the ability to set an option for silent missing imports handling on OWLOntologyManager. When this option is set, exceptions are not thrown when imports cannot be found or cannot be loaded. It is possible to set a listeners that gets informed when an import cannot be found, so that the exception doesn't get lost entirely. - Added the ability to add a ontology loader listener to OWLOntologyManager. The listener gets informed when the loading process for an ontology starts and finishes (which ontology is being loaded, from where and whether it was successfully loaded etc.). - Added a method to OWLReasonerFactory to obtain the human readable name of the reasoner that a factory creates. - Added a convenience method to OWLOntology to obtain all referenced entities - Added convenience methods to OWLEntity that check whether the entity is an OWLClass, OWLObjectProperty, OWLDataProperty, OWLIndividual or OWLDatatype. Also added asXXX to obtain an entity in its more specific form. - Added convenience methods to OWLDataFactory for creating disjoint class axioms and equivalent classes axioms. - Added a general purpose renderer interface for OWLObjects - Added an OWLInconsistentOntologyException to the inference module. - Added SKOS core to the list of well known namespaces - Added a SKOS vocabulary enum - Added methods to the OWLOntologyManager interface, so that ontologies can be saved to an output target as well as a URI. Added implementations of OWLOntologyOutputTarget to enable writing directly to OutputStreams and Writers. - Added a StringOutputTarget for writing ontologies into a buffer that can be obtained as a string. - Added some new input sources: StreamInputSource, ReaderInputSource, FileInputSource - RDF Parser. Made the classExpression translator selector more intelligent so that when properties aren't typed as either object or data properties, other triples are examined to make the appropriate choice. - OWLRestrictedDataRangeFacetVocabulary. Added methods to obtain facets by their symbolic name (e.g. >=) - BidirectionalShortFormProvider. Added a method to obtain all short forms cached by the provider. - Added an option to turn tabbing on/off when rendering Manchester Syntax - Added more documentation for the method which adds ontology URI mappers - Improved error handling when loading ontologies: For errors that have nothing to do with parse errors e.g. unknown host exceptions, the factory will rethrow the error at the earliest opportunity rather than trying all parsers. - Updated parser to throw ManchesterOWLSyntaxOntologyParserException which is a more specific type of OWLParserException - Updated the BidirectionalShortFormProviderAdapter with functionality to track ontology changes and update the rendering cache depending on whether entities are referenced or not. - Added a latex renderer for rendering ontology axioms in a latex format - Added the ability to parse ontologies written in ManchesterOWLSyntax - Added URIShortFormProvider as a general purpose interface for providing short forms for URIs. Changed SimpleShortFormProvider to use the SimpleURIShortFormProvider as a base - Made the toString rendering of the default implementation pluggable via the ToStringRenderer singleton class. - Added some convenience methods to the OWLDataFactory to make creating certain types of objects less tedious. Specifically: ObjectIntersectionOf, ObjectUnionOf, ObjectOneOf and DataOneOf can now be created using methods that take a variable number of arguments (OWLDescriptions, OWLIndividuals or OWLConstants as appropriate). Also, added convenience methods that create typed literals directly from Java Strings, ints, doubles, floats and booleans. For example, createOWLTypedConstant(3) will create a typed literal with a lexical value of "3" and a datatype of xsd:integer. Added convenice methods for creating entity annotations without manually having to create OWLAnnotation objects. - Added a getAxiomType method on to the OWLAxiom interface for convenience. - Added functionality to the debugging module for ordering explanations - Added generics to the inferred axiom generator API - Added a new constructor to OWLOntologyNamespaceManager so that it is possible to override the ontology format that is used as a hint when generating namespaces. - Added a dlsyntax renderer module that can renderer axioms etc. in the traditional dlsyntax using unicode for the dlsyntax symbols. - Modified the RDFXMLNamespaceManager to select the minimal amount of entities for which namespaces need to be generated. Namespaces are only generated for classes in OWLClassAssertionAxioms, and properties in OWLObjectPropertyAssertionAxioms and OWLDataPropertyAssertionAxioms. This basically corresponds to the places where valid QNames are needed for entities. - Added code to add declarations for "dangling entities". If an RDF graph contains <ClsA> <rdfs:type> <owl:Class> and ClsA has not been referenced by any other axioms then this would have been dropped by the parser - this has been changed so that declaration axioms are added to the ontology in such cases. (Hopefully, the OWL 1.1 spec will be updated to do something like this in the mapping to RDF graphs). - Added a utility class, AxiomSubjectProvider, which given an axiom returns an object which is regarded to be the "subject" of the axioms. For example given SubClassOf(ClsA ClsB), ClsA is regarded as being the subject. - Modified the ontology URI short form provider to provide nicer looking short forms. - Added a convenience method to get the individuals that have been asserted to be an instance of an OWLClass. - Commons lang is no longer used in the API because it had been replaced with a lightweight utility class in order to escape strings. - Removed the fragments module and replaced it with the profiles module. The EL++ profile is currently implemented. - Added support for extended visitors that can return objects in the visit method. - Turned off logging in the RDF parser classes by default.
Source: README.TXT, updated 2014-11-15