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This program converts Overture 4.x OVE files to MusicXML and Lilypond. A first version of this converter, from OVE to MusicXML only, was made available in 2009 for the users of GenieSoft's forum. With version 2 I decided to add a Lilypond converter. Version 2.2 uses the JUCE toolkit and runs under both Windows and Linux. Many features are not yet implemented (e.g. chords and chord diagrams), many other work only partially, or only in Finale, or only in Sibelius. My range of test files was not very large, so if you find some OVE files badly translated or crashing, please send them to me. My email address is at the bottom of the Help page of the program. Alberto GenieSoft is a registered trademark of GenieSoft, Inc. To learn more about Overture go to To learn more about MusicXML and Dolet go to To learn more about Lilypond go to To learn more about FOMUS go to To learn more about ENP go to To learn more about JUCE go to
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