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  • I am not able to see the video of these tutorials. If I could it is really a good job

  • Thank you, thank you a million times. You can't imagine how critical continued support of this project is to my software and my livelihood. Keep up the good work, and kudos.

  • great software with big set of manufacturers

  • Here's a project that builds out-of-the-box on 10.7: (Adapt the load script if your output isn't in build/Release. Right click on the target .kext to "show in Finder", to see where it ended up.)

  • This project seems to be rather dormant but with the advice in the review of Felix J. Ogris I was able to get the code compiled and load the kernel extension (with kextutil, the installation instructions are outdated). There are 2 more things which needs to be fixed - LLVM complains about the goto Fail statement in nl_bjaelectronics_driver_PL2303::start so the OSNumber * release definition must be moved to the start of the function and the function prototypes initialPowerStateForDomainState(), setPowerStat() have to be commented out in the header file otherwise the kext will not load. In the end it works with the ATEN adapter. Anyhow, it would be good if the maintainer could wake up and fix the code for OS X 10.7.x or someone forked the project (it's GPL after all) and do the fixing.

  • Remarkable structure and really very well produced.

  • Congrats for your get the job done i`m confident that a lot of people really like what you do. Continue to keep up the good operate!

  • Congrats to the function i`m sure that a lot of consumers appreciate what you do. Preserve up the great work!

  • Very good function. Thank you

  • Compiles and works under Mac OS X 10.7.2 with an ATEN usb-to-serial adapter. Start a new IOKit Driver projekt within XCode, copy over osx_pl2303.cpp and osx_pl2303.h. Remove all calls to KUNCUserNotificationDisplayNotice(). Replace all casts of void* to UInt32 with casts to UInt64. From the original Info.plist, copy over the IOKitPersonalities node. Under OSBundleLibraries, replace all three references of* (6.9.9) with* (10.0.0)

  • Works under MAC OS X 10.6.7 with 38400 baud with Xcode C and Python 2.7.2 pyserial 2.5 program, where the Polific driver does not work reliable. Thank you very much.

  • very good project

  • Seems to work decently on some systems, however some issues still needs to be corrected. Found another decent driver at