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  • Well... Thought it was good at first based on the screen-shots. What I get on my Linux system is one long tall column. I can not get it to look like the screen-shot with the notes to the side. OK, got it, you have to get rid of the Tray-Icon as well.

  • The biggest criteria I needed was a non-online calendar opposite of say e.g. Google Calendar, I like my privacy, liberty, and freedom. Osmo works great, I can backup all past and future new Calendar dates which I do because I review Linux flavors all the time. It allows me review how I did things in the past and decide if need to tweak recipes etc. Works great for repetitive events and allows me to plan the future with a simple copy and paste. I use it as a journal with day colors and day categories so I can easily see whats coming up and plan properly, or review how I did something previously just find the day color and read the notes, maybe tweak something. If I need a new category I just open preferences and setup a new day category and find a color I like for it. The app is very powerful, it is the first app I open everyday.

  • It does need a print option from the notes tab so users don't have to use a separate program for printing notes. It also needs an option to "import files" when an upgrade has occurred or when re-installing OSMO. This is odd since it does have an "export files" option. In all the application works great, has plenty of options and I have had absolutely no problems with its current build. Great work y'all. Just needs some tweaking. ;-)

  • Nice todolist and contacts. a Link bettween todolist and contacts would have been a nice idea.

  • This is a fantastic little product that has recently have had many improvements; however, it is presently broken with the latest revision, it does not compile correctly and the contacts do not show up and you cannot use the contact list with any mail service.

  • Very useful program! Thank you!

  • Cet agenda est pratique et joli. la combinaison contacts, tâches à effectuer serait un plus, il sait exporter les tâches mais ne les importe pas. Dommage. Néanmoins il est très pratique.

  • Hi, versioning compatibility about «notification» question: i was using version 0.2.8 with sound + an advanced notification command; now using version 0.2.10 on the existing .osmo data folder (having tasks_entries.xml, etc... in it): all datas are recovered except the sound + advanced notification command. I even tried to copy the content of tasks_entries.xml from 0.2.8 to 0.2.10 without success - i do not see differencies between the respective files except the version number in the first top lines) A workaround could be is to re-type all the datas ...:-(( Besides that, I like this organizer because it's very easy to use ... it fullfills (at least) 80% my needs with (at most) 20% efforts ...=-) . Thanks for any advice ps: in the below rate, i place a «just OK» for support as i have no experience about. Charlie

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  • Love it, all the functions are perfect. I use the encrypted notes function a lot. the gui is simple and uncomplicated. I just want to add the way I sync osmo across multiple computers. 1. move the .osmo folder to Dropbox 2.Create a symlink to the .osmo folder in your home folder. Usually a right click on the folder should show up the option 3. Create a symlink to the dropbox folder in all the comps you want synced. 4. This way there is ONE synced folder that osmo accesses on all comps via the symlink 5. Enjoy the even better osmo!

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  • Love it, have it in my acer one running linux and have come to depend on it. It's uncomplicated and simple to use, perfect for diary dates and birthdays etc.and I have only one real criticism and that is backup! It holds a lot of important info in it and therefore backup is crucial, and I don't mean weekly, but ideally after every change and unfortunately I can't seem to find a way of doing this. With the data itself in a .osmo directory backup is difficult (at least for me). It would be nice if I could choose the storage folder location and/or it automatically backed up to another drive. At the moment I do the backup manually which is slow and having had, over the years, a number of hardware failures I've learned the hard way that backup really is very important. In fact as an aside to this OSMO posting I use Dropbox now as my main 'My Docs' location because it means a copy on the computer and a copy elsewhere so loss of the computer itself is provided for. I won't be changing but I'd love a mod to backup. BFN Carlos

  • Simple, meek, and tiny osmo beats gnotes, tomboy, kjots, and orage for simple calendar, note, and reminder goodness. Uncomplicated, and I hope it stays that way. I love the fact that the GUI is not chained to GNOME or KDE. Keep up the good work!

  • use

  • Please help ! I am on windows 7 and I read the file, but I don't find the installer form the project file. Thank you in advance

  • nice! thank you very much for your work: I hope you'll work just a little bit on icons.. actually they don't follow the system theme 'cause osmo uses its icons..

  • Thank you :)

  • Good application. Like to use it often. Hopefully developers will implement my ideas of improvement :)

  • I love this ptoject and hope a Windows fork wil follow soon as it would be a handy tool to help in volunteers organisations for contact management.

  • I am using LXDE on Fedora, Osmo is a must have. Not only this is a great piece of software, but it is not Gnome dependent (and Gnome/KDE libraries are to Linux what is Windoze to M$)

  • one of the few applications out there that does what it says. Highly recommend.

  • It is often needed to organize files and emails with tasks and appointments... So please add a feature for adding clickable file and web location links to tasks and calendar as soon as possible.


  • Very helpful software. Take a look at it, you won't be sorry...

  • I used to use Chaos Manager in Windows. Now that I use Linux I finally found a contact manager/task scheduler that not only replaces Chaos Manager but blows it away! If I ever have to use Windows again, I'll figure out how to get THIS installed on it!