Osmo is a handy personal organizer, which includes calendar, tasks manager, address book and notes modules. It was designed to be a small, easy to use and good looking PIM tool to help to manage personal information.


  • Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes modules
  • Encrypted private data backup
  • Date calculator
  • Configurable GUI layout
  • Highly customizable

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Calendar, To-Do Lists

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User Reviews

  • The biggest criteria I needed was a non-online calendar opposite of say e.g. Google Calendar, I like my privacy, liberty, and freedom. Osmo works great, I can backup all past and future new Calendar dates which I do because I review Linux flavors all the time. It allows me review how I did things in the past and decide if need to tweak recipes etc. Works great for repetitive events and allows me to plan the future with a simple copy and paste. I use it as a journal with day colors and day categories so I can easily see whats coming up and plan properly, or review how I did something previously just find the day color and read the notes, maybe tweak something. If I need a new category I just open preferences and setup a new day category and find a color I like for it. The app is very powerful, it is the first app I open everyday.

  • Very useful program! Thank you!

  • Love it, all the functions are perfect. I use the encrypted notes function a lot. the gui is simple and uncomplicated. I just want to add the way I sync osmo across multiple computers. 1. move the .osmo folder to Dropbox 2.Create a symlink to the .osmo folder in your home folder. Usually a right click on the folder should show up the option 3. Create a symlink to the dropbox folder in all the comps you want synced. 4. This way there is ONE synced folder that osmo accesses on all comps via the symlink 5. Enjoy the even better osmo!

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  • Love it, have it in my acer one running linux and have come to depend on it. It's uncomplicated and simple to use, perfect for diary dates and birthdays etc.and I have only one real criticism and that is backup! It holds a lot of important info in it and therefore backup is crucial, and I don't mean weekly, but ideally after every change and unfortunately I can't seem to find a way of doing this. With the data itself in a .osmo directory backup is difficult (at least for me). It would be nice if I could choose the storage folder location and/or it automatically backed up to another drive. At the moment I do the backup manually which is slow and having had, over the years, a number of hardware failures I've learned the hard way that backup really is very important. In fact as an aside to this OSMO posting I use Dropbox now as my main 'My Docs' location because it means a copy on the computer and a copy elsewhere so loss of the computer itself is provided for. I won't be changing but I'd love a mod to backup. BFN Carlos

  • Simple, meek, and tiny osmo beats gnotes, tomboy, kjots, and orage for simple calendar, note, and reminder goodness. Uncomplicated, and I hope it stays that way. I love the fact that the GUI is not chained to GNOME or KDE. Keep up the good work!

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