oShare - A very simple DLNA compliant media server. Light weight, easy to install and use. Supports music, photos and video including MKV. For Windows only at this time.


  • Light weight
  • No installation needed. Just copy the files and run the program
  • Easy to add shared folders
  • Supports MKV streaming over DLNA

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User Reviews

  • Simple and easy to use. No hassle with anything. Looks good for what I want except for one thing. I have two computers, both running Windows XP and oShare. oShare only shows up on my OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray player from one of the two. All the necessary configuration for it to work is identical on both machines but oShare remains invisible on one of them. I seldom find anything this simple that works, does what it says it does and I love what it shows me... ...when it's not blocked by something I can't find -- and I know networking, internet security, routers, etc., all from long experience. Some media file sharing details along with the product could go a long way toward troubleshooting.

  • Thank you! I struggled after building our low power MAID system (Massive Array of Idle Disks) as everything out there was bloated and insisted upon touching our data drives. Just when I was about to throw in the towel - we found oShare. Works great with our WD TV media players and our low power Thinkpad server. Perfect! Now if only I can find a way to force this Win 7 machine to recognize mkv files as "Play to" compatible - all aspects will finally work :(

  • Works nicely and does normal seeking. Unfortunately would not play wmv8 file type.

  • All the darn UPNP/DLNA servers out there are too feature rich. I add my picture folder and they all choke due to the 30,000 + files. I don't want thumbnails... I just want access to the files. This is PERFECT for my two DLNA devices that don't support thumbnails anyway. I use it for my Pix-Star DLNA enabled Digital Frame. Works GREAT! I use it for my Yamaha Receiver to have access to all my MP3's! In this case KISS is perfect! Keep it Stupid Simple! I thank the programmer for making this software available to all.. Much appreciated. I was using Ushare for Linux, but wanted to consolidate a bit. Was looking for a Ushare alternative and i found it!

  • BEWARE!!! When this program is running in my LAN, my smart TV (SONY Bravia) hangs and doesn't turn on correctly anymore! I had to unplug the power cable and stop the program to fix the problem and get my TV working again! No comment...

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Win32 (MS Windows)

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