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osFAQ v1.2-ST is designed to work with osTicket v1.7. Backwards compatibility has been built in for osTicket 1.6 but you will need to download and install the osTicket-1.6 patch pack AFTER installing osFaq 1.2-ST ( The new download is significantly smaller than previous releases due to an improved WYSIWYG editor distribution. You can get osTicket v1.7 here: and from the osTicket website NOTES: 2013-04-03 (+10GMT) The current "osFAQ_v1.2-ST_FULL" package has an additional fix over the original osFAQ 1.2-ST release that fixes an issue with clients logging in from the emailed ticket link, not being able to browse the FAQs. The fix is also available seperately as a patch for existing 1.2ST installs (this will only affect the first 16 people who downloaded osFaq1.2ST after its official release). PATCH:
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