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  • I am using the Orwell version of Dev-C++ and it works very well and NOT only for 30 lines of code ! For sure it depends from what website you will download the package: be sure to have a clean file and you will download in very few seconds and you will work happily.

  • Uglier design and less features compare to a text editor like Visual Code

  • Dev is good only for those who want to make really simple and plain projects... Like a calculator or any project with 10-30 lines of code in main().For anything more advanced be prepared for numerous bugs and no support...Go to another IDE.

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  • Great and easy to use IDE.

  • Zero stars. Dev-C++ is a total failure. It doesnt work. It's filled with bugs. The downloads are in some kinda stupid archive instead of using established archives. Why use an archive at all? Downloads are slow on Sourceforge: took 13 minutes to DL Mingw only to discover my Winrar wont open it. Give it up, dicks. Go back to working at Walmart.

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  • One of the best IDE for C/C++ development especially for beginners.

  • This was a very noble attempt to keep Dev-C++ alive, up until the point when it stopped being updated. As I'm writing this review (2016-09-14) the project's last update was over a year ago (2015-06-14). At this point, one should download the "No Compiler" release and try to configure it to use an up-to-date version of TDM-GCC. Otherwise, simply move on to another IDE which is actively maintained.

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  • Best IDE

  • Warning! AVG free antivir detects Trojan Generic36.BZED. A simple *empty* win console app compiles to 128kbyte with trojan inside. Is there somewhere trojan-free dev-c++ install package?

  • Zillya detects malware named Adware.MegaSearch.Win32.18250

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  • Nice project.

  • UI needs changing for better

  • Finally Something worth working with. This is an IDE that is to die for, I like the fact that I can add more compilers to it. Compact, fast, and very well designed. But I need nothing else other than MINGW.

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  • Very nice and big thanks for resurrecting Dev-Cpp. It's awesome, fast and doesn't take a lot of memory like other IDEs. By the way, I don't see updates since April. Why is that?

  • Very good IDE with compiler. I just ran it from my USB and all works! So this project saved some score on the test, because there wasn't c++ compiler on the school computer.

  • the program will not open on my windows 8 laptop.

  • Simply the best

  • The best :D

  • Great IDE

  • Great compiler IDE for beginners, I hope the addition of UTF-8 support

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  • Good teaching tool for introductory C programming.

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  • Great IDE,but we expect dark GUI and C++ 14 support.

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  • Simple and fast. It has some issues with edge cases, but as those are reported they continue to be fixed. Given the choice between Visual Studio and this, I'd choose this any day.

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  • If I use Windows - I use Dev-C++ to write small programs, POC, etc..

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  • Nice update working great!

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