OpenUnderwriter is an open source software house specialising in the development of IT solutions for the insurance market.

Specialists in the areas of eBusiness and component based development, the team has developed technology for a number of major insurance companies.

The OpenUnderwriter platform has been collaboratively developed by some of the best technical brains in the Insurance Industry and offers a viable alternative to traditional solutions. To date, OpenUnderwriter has been downloaded over 26,000 times in 30 countries.

Our goal is simple, we are focused on enabling insurers and brokers to perform more effectively by providing a powerful, adaptable and robust open source insurance software toolset that removes the traditional barriers associated with insurance software adoption, including high cost of ownership, slow time to market and restrictive long term contracts.


  • QUOTE & BUY - Onine, direct to market policy sales
  • RATING ENGINE - Powerful, flexible & fast
  • PROPOSAL FORMS - Dynamic, user friendly & configurable
  • EXCEL RATING SHEETS - Configure rating rules using Excel
  • QUOTE AGGREGATION - Compare quotes from many providers
  • SINGLE QUOTE - Provide quotes from an individual provider
  • PREMIUM COLLECTION - Integrate with a wide range of payment providers
  • MOBILE READY - Serve the mobile market as well as the traditional
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - Develop & tailor you own product lines
  • GENERAL LINES - Supports general lines insurance
  • COMMERCIAL LINES - Supports commercial lines insurance
  • NICHE PRODUCTS - Deliver niche products efficiently
  • REFERRAL MANAGEMENT - Process referrals quickly & efficiently
  • DOCUMENT TEMPLATES - Template policy documents using PDF Forms
  • ISSUE DOCUMENTATION - Automatically issue documentation
  • LOCALISATION - Support multi language & currency
  • REGIONAL TAX - Configure regional insurance tax requirements
  • SERVICE INTEGRATION - Designed to integrate with back office & third party services
  • BORDEREAU REPORT - Generate bordereau reports quickly & easily
  • REPORTING AND MI - Realise reporting & management information requirements
  • USER DASHBOARD - Customisable user dashboard
  • B2B - Deliver products through agents
  • B2C - Deliver products direct to market
  • DATA MANAGEMENT - Powerful, flexible data management & export
  • DATA ANALYSIS - Collate point in time data for analysis
  • COMBINE DATA SOURCES - Analyise multiple sources & types of data
  • SECURE - Secure, robust and stable environment
  • FULLY WEB ENABLED - Transact business & work over the web
  • UNLIMITED USERS - No restrictions on the number of users
  • UNLIMITED PROCESSORS - No restrictions on the number of processor
  • FLEXIBLE HOSTING - Can be hosted locally, or in the cloud
  • SOURCE AVAILABLE - Access, Audit or download the code at any time
  • FLEXIBLE LICENCING - No long-term restrictive contract
  • HIGHLY SCALABLE - System can scale to satisfy business demands
  • WORKFLOW - Manage your business processes
  • WEB CMS - Host whole insurance websites if required

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User Reviews

  • Simple. Useful. Light.

  • Userfriendly interface. GNU is very good! Thanks!

  • a very decent interface! Thanks for a quality product.

  • Used OpenQuote for a broker client to deliver on-line commercial insurance quotations, delivery of the product was really quick, although the learning curve is quite steep. However support from the OpenQuote development team was excellent.

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