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  • I have used Ophcrack in the past with XP and Win 7 with good results but I have a Win 10 Asus with dual displays and Linux does not seem to be happy with it. 'No X server running' or 'cannot connect to X server :0.0' errors seeming to indicate a problem talking to my display. Tried 1 display at a time with no change. Text is coming across fine. Thought I could just run text mode but so far I cannot find any instructions or commands for running Ophcrack in command-line. Anyone able to help out to be able to run either way? I would give a Good rating if I could run the program as I have in the past. Going to the forum link takes me to the review page.

  • What a monumental waste if time. Download two, 600+ meg programs (ver 3.6.0 and 3.4.0) and have neither contain the tables needed to work. Yes, I know it's free, but a free piece of crap is still a piece of crap. The program may be free but my time isn't. DON'T BOTHER!!!

  • Sadly this will no longer work with the online login of windows (8, 10)

  • NIS seems very determined to keep this file from my system. Some password recovery tools send your passwords, keys etc to a third party. When you install it (if you get this far) use the now free ENT (Essential Net Tools) from Tamosoft and check the outbound IP of any module associated with program. I intend staying clear.

  • well i must be that 1% thaT THE PROGRAM DOESNT WORK FOR LOL been stuck on sending discover for cpl hrs now and nothing else happening

  • While I've used previous versions of Ophcrack with success on XP, the Ophcrack 3.6 live disk failed to crack passwords for Windows 7 Professional. I also installed the 64 bit version, then selected and downloaded the available Vista tables (since no free Windows 7 tables were available), and it also failed to crack passwords on Windows 7 Pro.

  • md5 hash don't match ? ophcrack-xp-livecd-3.6.0.iso Image Files (425 MB) 'ophcrack" md5 hash=md5sum: b23afa62f670dee41c8f01c436c0a092 - my crunch hash results=AA07109BB94430BE889933DBAD42390F

  • I burned the LiveCD to USB with Rufus, but my computer always says that the boot drive failed. I am trying to get into a Windows 8 machine.

  • I click on "Crack" and nothing happens.

  • I created 3 different bootable USB sticks - using "tazusb.exe" - 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. I also added it to my YUMI USB stick which has lots of .ISOs on it that all work. None of them booted ophcrack. Two of them just displayed one line... something about Linux and a name like "Aaron", and one of them just showed a blinking cursor at the top of a blank screen. I tried all of them on a Netbook and my new Desktop. Total failure. I also burnt a CD. It didn't boot either. Fortunately, I read someone else's comment about "Hiren's Boot CD" (thank you, "dahoppsrno1"!). That has a utility on it to clear passwords and it works.

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  • I just purchased the password kit and after starting from the CD it says it did not find an operating system on my hard drive. Now what do I do? Oh course this was not one of the FAQ. Can anyone help me. Thanks

  • I use Spotmau to crack admin passwords on machines I repair. Not even Hirens is as comfortable to use.

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  • Not a review of the product since I can't download the software.Been trying to download all day but every mirror stops and never continues or disconnects after an hour or so of downloading. Not having any problem downloading from other sites so what's happening?

  • Could have been better. But I'd still recomment it to anyone needing an app of this kind.

  • I have used Ophcrack Live ISO's to Boot to the Live Linux System in the past. And I really liked Ophcrack. So, I downloaded "ophcrack-win32-installer-3.6.0.exe" on 06-14-13, in case I wanted to use it in a Windows System. Today (06-16-13) I happened to scanned my Linux System with ClamAV. And "ophcrack-win32-installer-3.6.0.exe" was infected with a Virus. It shows to be infected with "Win-Trojan-Pwdump-21". So, I deleted it! I know, this can happen to any Server at any time. So, Please be Aware and Clean up your Server!:O Don

  • I have downloaded ophcrack-vista-livecd-3.4.0 4 times now. There are two files that arrive: a *.iso and a *.iso.part. the iso file is always 0 bytes and the part file is never the same size; ranging from 10 Mb to 475 Mb. What's going on? What should I expect? I can't rate it well if I can't even get a good D/L.

  • Great Project!

  • Very useful project!

  • I have this problem it turns black screen i have tried all solutions as followed i have booted manually also in text mode still i have a black screen any advice i have a hp pav.g6 notebook windows 7

  • Tried Jan 2012, and didn't find password for Windows 7 home version on a Dell laptop. Runtime was around 10 mins, and resulting password was "unknown"

  • I downloaded the iso file but cannot get it to run i xp. Any ideas?

  • AVG found this as a virus. Sad. Maybe you should upload it to to see what antiviruses pick this up as a bad one.

  • Norton identifies this file as "The program then sends extracted password hashes to a remote computer.".

  • Excellent on Windows XP-Pro .... It could NOT crack Windows Vista Home Premium SP-2

  • Downloaded the Vista version. Made no changes. Set up two Vista computers (current via windows update) set up 5 simple passwords on both, example: xz489s...nasty0 etc. It was unable to crack ANY of them... Might have benefited from more tables but there is no way to do it although there appears to be a function for it, the tables don't seem available. Frankly, It is very hard not to question the validity of so many positive reviews when the software was unable to crack a single thing on my two computers.

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