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  • An awesome tool. Thank you. After struggling for days, I downloaded the tool (ISO File) and tables, within 30min I got into my laptop.

  • Although Ophcrack isn't rated for Windows 10, it did yield passwords on three accounts on two Toshiba Satellite laptops running that OS, so it performed beyond the stated scope of its duty. Burning the files to make a bootable CD was easy. Figuring out how to use the program took me some time. The LiveCD version comes with a 'rainbow table' to compare password hashes against, but getting the table to hook up to the program after starting the computer from the CD was not automated. I had to work out which logical volume to access to use the table. In this case, SR0. Here's a hint for those trying to access Windoze machines that won't start from the optical drive: quit the computer by holding down the start button until it quits. Then, boot it again while holding down the F12 key (for Toshiba Satellite), or whatever key is supposed to bring up the boot table on the particular machine. You will get a list of bootable devices, from which you can select the optical drive.

  • trying to get admin pwd from an XP embedded SP3 install. Admin pword seems to be stored in NT hash only (no LM listed). So I've tried using all the vista tables (free ones) but it returns not found. Any other ideas? Seems to be no forum for support. thx

  • I have used Ophcrack in the past with XP and Win 7 with good results but I have a Win 10 Asus with dual displays and Linux does not seem to be happy with it. 'No X server running' or 'cannot connect to X server :0.0' errors seeming to indicate a problem talking to my display. Tried 1 display at a time with no change. Text is coming across fine. Thought I could just run text mode but so far I cannot find any instructions or commands for running Ophcrack in command-line. Anyone able to help out to be able to run either way? I would give a Good rating if I could run the program as I have in the past. Going to the forum link takes me to the review page.

  • flawless. keep up the good work.

  • Last livecd 3.6.0 version does not work because it does not have table. livecd version 3.4.0 was very good.

  • What a monumental waste if time. Download two, 600+ meg programs (ver 3.6.0 and 3.4.0) and have neither contain the tables needed to work. Yes, I know it's free, but a free piece of crap is still a piece of crap. The program may be free but my time isn't. DON'T BOTHER!!!

  • Boot my Windows VM from Ophcrack ISO file and it failed to detect my hard drive so it's useless for me. Eventually I removed the password with another program PCUnlocker. Additionally, the rainbow tables are too expensive, I think.

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  • regarding some of the previous comments about ophcrack vista 3.6.0 not loading tables, I have same problem, and have a solution. Problem: Boot ophcrack vista 3.6.0 live from CD, then see: "Tables found: /media/sr0/tables/vista_proba_free/table0.bin" then see: "Did not find the requested table(s) ... [same as above]" What happens is that the auto configure program "" that is run automatically or manually, found the table, but passed the full table path to ophcrack, instead of just the directory that the table is in. Here is the solution: Edit that file to fix (you need to know vi, I can't help you on that): vi /usr/bin/ Find line at almost the end "Starting ophcrack", and in the next line change -t $table_inline to -t $(dirname $table_inline) then try again. This change will be lost at every reboot. If you can't edit that file, you can always run ophcrack by hand from command line: ophcrack -d / \ -t /media/sr0/tables/vista_proba_free \ -w /media/sda2/Windows/System32/config \ -n 9 \ -o /tmp/ophcrack.txt \ -g The 9 is one plus the number of CPU cores in your system. The sda2 is where the windows hard drive shows on your system. Both will likely need to be changed to suit your setup. Works fine after this. John Refling

  • Downloaded fine, but had malware TSPY_PWDUMP_CA25037B.TOMC

  • ophcrack-vista-livecd-3.6.0.iso doesn't have tables. Kinda makes it useless to use. When trying to download it with the browsers provided, I just keep getting TLS errors.

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  • ophcrack-vista-livecd-3.6.0.iso does not load tables automatic to the program, version 3.4 works.

  • Sadly this will no longer work with the online login of windows (8, 10)

  • HOW pls i can just download Vista_special tables?? pls help fast

  • NIS seems very determined to keep this file from my system. Some password recovery tools send your passwords, keys etc to a third party. When you install it (if you get this far) use the now free ENT (Essential Net Tools) from Tamosoft and check the outbound IP of any module associated with program. I intend staying clear.

  • How to Download Vista Special?

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  • well i must be that 1% thaT THE PROGRAM DOESNT WORK FOR LOL been stuck on sending discover for cpl hrs now and nothing else happening

  • Every time I forgot a Windows password, I will try Ophcrack firstly to recover the password. When the tool can't find the password, I then use PCUnlocker Live CD to bypass the password.

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  • A+++++++++++++++++

  • This is nice for bruteforce .. ⋙ Gmail Password Cracker ⋙

  • Version 3.6 didn't work for me (refused to load tables from LiveCD, USB stick, or anywhere else I tried), but 3.4 works perfectly. Recommend anyone having trouble with 3.6 to get hold of the older version

  • While I've used previous versions of Ophcrack with success on XP, the Ophcrack 3.6 live disk failed to crack passwords for Windows 7 Professional. I also installed the 64 bit version, then selected and downloaded the available Vista tables (since no free Windows 7 tables were available), and it also failed to crack passwords on Windows 7 Pro.

  • I have been trying to use this program for about a month now. I tried burning it to a cd and booting up my laptop. It doesnt register. It just loads windows. It takes a minute longer to load to log in screen but thats it. If i log in, it picks the cd up as "Ophcrack livecd". I then tried it on usb. Downloaded usbboot, copied/burned ophcrack to the 8gb usb(fat32). The system sees the usb as "ophcrack livecd". i restart, open boot menu, select the usb and still nothing. It loads windows. I have ophcrack v3.6.0. I am running Windows 7 ultimate. Why is it not working? Im so sure i have done everything 100%. Please help.

  • I am having a problem using this version 3.6.0. When I boot this live cd it does not load the tables. It only apply brute force attack. I have used version 3.4.0 before and checked passwords of windows 7 on three systems. 2 were found and on one PC this live cd didnot showed any passwords. Then I tried this latest version 3.6.0 but it is not loading any tables to find the password. So I need help about this problem. What I can do to load the tables? Need help !!!!

  • md5 hash don't match ? ophcrack-xp-livecd-3.6.0.iso Image Files (425 MB) 'ophcrack" md5 hash=md5sum: b23afa62f670dee41c8f01c436c0a092 - my crunch hash results=AA07109BB94430BE889933DBAD42390F

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