OPEW is a powerful, complete, independent and extensible open source distribution stack for GNU/Linux (64 bits) based OS. Its goal is to provides a rich portable ready-to-run development environment focused on modern and robust programming languages (mainly web) in oder to satisfy the common needs for the software development.

OPEW include the latest stable version of PHP, Ruby, Perl, Node.js, Go, Python and Lua providing a robust multi-language development enviroment. Also is provided a full stack of open source DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite3 and Redis). Git (SCM) is also included with some tools for code versioning and review.

In the future OPEW aims to be extensible using addons then can be installed in the same stack improving itself.

Currently OPEW is still an experimental beta version.


  • Much more than a LAMPP stack
  • Easy to use, extend and improve
  • Languages: PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Node.js, Go and Lua
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite and Redis
  • Full support for each language package manager
  • Non external libraries dependencies (except OS low-level C shared libraries)
  • Easily portable and extensible
  • Git SCM and code revision tools
  • FastCGI support for Apache handling
  • phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, phpMoAdmin, phpRedisAdmin and SQLiteManager
  • Developer libraries in order to supply software dependencies
  • 64 bits support
  • Well documented and tutorials
  • Development tools for a fast projects setup environment
  • Memcached, cURL, ImageMagick and more

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  • great program opew, thanks.

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