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Apr 13 2017 Documentation: - Added an offline copy of the OPERA documentation wiki pages. - Removed README, DEPENDENCIES, INSTALLATION, the pipeline cookbook, and most files from doc (a few moved to extras instead). Features and fixes: - Implemented extraction option rejectBadpixInRawExtraction which filters out outlier pixels during raw extraction. - Updated operaGain to changed minimum gain threshold from hardcoded value to optional parameter, and added this parameter to Espadons harness. - Updated operaTelluricWavelengthCorrection to clarify argument descriptions, add linesdatafilename output file, and added output messages. - Updated output text files so the specified number of orders accurately represents the contents of the file. - Fixed a crash that occurred when setting beam SEDs from a continuum sample that was created without using the beams. - Updated continuum mesauring function to throw an error message when not enough points are used to bin the continuum. - Updated argurment descriptions. - Implemented ability to search for and repair a shift in the numbering of orders compared to initial wavelength soltuons. - Changes to clean up operaWavelengthCalibration code slightly modified the results of the module, and fixed small bugs. - Added Python pipelines for MUSICOS and OES instruments, and updated the GRACES and ESPaDOnS pipelines. Behind the scenes code changes: - Updated Vector to work with more standard library functions, and added functions to condtionally filter out elements. - Added functions to calculate the Mean Square and RMS of a Vector. - Added Vector<unsigned> implementation. - Updated operaFluxVector to add constructor taking in two operaVectors. - Updated operaLMFitPolynomial to take in const parameters. - Updated Gaussian, operaSpectralFeature, and operaSpectralLines classes to make methods const correct. - Updated Polynomial class to add operaVector getters/setters, and to make parenthesis operator and printEquation method const. - Refactored methods used for optimal extraction. - Added method to operaSpectralOrder to reassign order number. - Added methods to operaSpectralOrderVector to shift order numbers for all orders, and replaced main array with vector. - Removed unused file floatingvector.h - Refactored and simplified operaWavelength class. - Updated several functions and classes and in operaSpectralTools to refactor, add flexibility, simplify, and optimize. - Added operaSpectralLineList class to operaSpectralTools, along with various functions to process spectral lines. - Refactored line detection methods in operaSpectralOrder and operaSpectralOrderVector. - Modified operaTelluricWavelengthCorrection to use operaSpectralLineList. - Heavily refactored operaWavelengthCalibration. - Refactored and simiplfied operaCreateFlatResponse. - Refactored parts common to all Python pipelines into new pyLib. Nov 30 2016 Optimal Extraction: Motivation - After the changes made to the calculations in optimal extraction, two problems emerged. The first was an increase in the noise level of the flux. The second problem was large artifacts appearing in the flux, especially when cosmic rays were prevalent. The underlying issue for this second problem was that the pixel rejection scheme was filtering too aggresively in both directions in the case of outliers, causing many good subpixels to be lost with the bad ones, skewing the flux towards any remaining pixels with flux values in between the worst one and the good ones. The primary reason for the first issue was a noisier extracted flat-field spectrum, which was caused by the revised image profile being worsened with each iteration. - Updated algorithm to not filter out subpixels if the measured flux is lower than the expected flux. - Updated algorithm to only filter remaining subpixels with the largest residuals each iteration, rather than all subpixels with residuals past a fixed cutoff. - Replaced parameter sigmaclip (fixed cutoff) with sigmaClipRange (divisor range from max residual) and minSigmaClip (limit to never filter below). - Removed image profile refinement step. - Increased number of iterations for object spectra to compensate for other changes, and decreased number of iterations for extracting flat-field spectra. - Now even fewer flux artifacts/cosmic rays appear than did in the "clean" version, and noise levels are closer to expected values as well. Spectral Energy Distribution (SED): Motivation - The SED class was used by operaSpectralOrder in a such a way where some methods needed to be called in a specific order for resource allocation. This led to effects such as making it impossible to apply a flat response or flux normalization without first applying a flat field correction. - Refactored and simplified the design of operaSpectralEnergyDistribution class. - Updated operaSpectralOrder to create SED objects during initialization, making operations that use the SED more independent of each other. - Removed checks for a pre-existing SED in places it no longer needs to be a requirement. - Simplified several pieces of code using SEDs in the flux calibration modules. Extraction Aperture: Motivation - When using a line aperture less than 1 pixel wide together with 1,1 pixel sampling, the method used for determining which subpixels fell within the aperture (looking at the center of each subpixel) could frequently fail to find a subpixel in the y-range at many or all of subpixel x-positions. Since the subpixels for each aperture are determined as a single pattern once, and then that pattern is shifted to each photocenter, this could mean no flux would be found across the entire order. A simple, albiet imperfect, solution is to shift the aperture line to try to hit the section of the pixel with the highest flux. - Refactored and simplified PixelSet class. - Refactored operaGeometricShapes library and updated the shape classes to use a more consistent design. - Refactored operaExtractionAperture class and turned it into a template class which can be used with any shape. - Fixed multiple error conditions that could occur when calculating overlapping ranges between operaInstrumentProfile and operaExtractionAperture. - Updated Optimal Extraction to work when beam apertures do not each have equal pixel counts. - Refactored operaExtractionApertureCalibration module, and added more error checking. - Added switch applyOffset in operaExtractionApertureCalibration to use the y-intercept of the IP line fit for the line aperture. - Fixed a bug that occurs when stitching apertures not centered at y=0. - Updated operaExtraction to normalize the flux for each beam using to the average number of pixels in each beam aperture. - Added parameter aperapplyoffset to harness to enable the applyOffset switch. Instrument Profile: Motivation - The resource allocation scheme for operaInstrumentProfile was complicated, and led to the same object being reused for entirely different purposes. This issue partially stemmed from classes used for components (e.g. Matrix and PolynomialMatrix) not using a simple allocation scheme either. - Added a class template Vector based on existing operaVector class. Replaced operaVector using this template, and added Vector<float> implementation. - Templatized operaVectorOperations. - Renamed identifiers with misleadingly generic names like Matrix and Cube to prevent name conflicts. - Added Matrix and Cube class templates to operaMatrix library, and replaced DMatrix and DCube using these templates. - Refactored Polynomial class, and added evaluation operator to allow use as a functor. - Replaced the formula used for evaluation in Polynomial class with the formula from PolynomialEval class. Replaced PolynomialEval with Polynomial. - Removed PolynomialMatrix and CCube code from operaLibCommon. Added PolynomialMatrix as a typedef for Matrix<Polynomial> in operaInstrumentProfile. - Refactored operaInstrumentProfile class. Other module changes: operaGain - Added an error check for gain values significantly lower than 1 (under 0.95, specfically). This occuring typically points to an input file problem. operaStitchOrders - Moved module to extras. Also fixed an issue in the harness where creating the wcal from wcar would fail on Mac platforms. operaHeliocentricWavelengthCorrection - Updated to use a leapsecond list (config/leapseconds.dat) to convert UTC to TT. Fixed MJD keyword selection in harness. operaTelluricWavelengthCorrection: - Updated to skip over orders that are outside of the wavelength range of lines used in the Telluric atlas. - Fixed an issue where duplicate object lines weren't ignored correctly. - Improved parameter requirements and outputs, tying each parameter more strictly to the method it is used with, adding parameter duplicateLineThreshold. - Added a missing optional parameter (minNumberOfMatchedLines) to the harness. - Added skyOverStarFiberAreaRatio and starplusskyInvertSkyFiber parameter for StarPlusSky mode. - Replaced the telluric atlas. operaExtendedSpectrumCreation - Modified to make inputFlatFluxCalibration an optional argument. operaPolarimetryCorrection - Modified to add up individual exposure times in the harness instead of multiplying the first exposure time by 4 inside the module. operaGenerateLEFormats - Set RemoveContinuumPolarization to 1 in the harness. operaExtraction, operaTelluricWavelengthCorrection, operaStarPlusSky - Updated to correctly use skyOverStarFiberAreaRatio parameter. operaSNR - Updated harness to make SNR plots match with Upena. Other library changes: - Combined duplicate continuum measuring functionality in operaSpectralOrder and operaSpectralEnergyDistribution and into a new function in operaSpectralTools. - Modified operaSpectralOrder and operaSpectralOrderVector to make method names and parameter lists more consistent, updated comments, and cleaned up code. - Added MedianQuick function (destructive median) for operaVector. - Updated ladfit functions for const-correctness. Added LinearFit function based on ladfit algorithm, along with overload to calculate errors. - Modified fitSpectrumToPolynomial in operaSpectralTools to take in and return operaVectors instead of operaFluxVectors. - Added method to operaSpectralOrderVector to get a min and max order number from a wavelength range, with optional min and max order limits. - Simplified the code to set wavelengths from calibrations. - Added skyOverStarFiberAreaRatio parameter to calculateStarAndSkyElements and correctFlatField functions. - Added cmath includes and/or removed math.h includes in operaMatrix, Polynonmial, and operaSpectralOrder to resolve minor calculation discrepancies. - Removed some unused functions from operaStats.h, and cleaned up whitespace. - Cleaned up various unnecessary includes, fixed compiler warnings and other miscellaneous code cleanup. Jul 20 2016 - Added ChiSqr function for operaVector. - Added DMatrix and DCube classes for matrix and cube data of type double. - Refactored and simplified operaInstrumentProfile. Modified profile fitting methods to filter out all NaNs. - Refactored flux extraction methods in operaSpectralOrder. - Refactored optimal extraction methods, fixed incorrect variance calculations, and fixed an issue where filtering out pixels would distort the image profile. - Refactored operaExtractionApertureCalibration module. Fixed an error in tilt calculations. Fixed a bug which could cause a segfault. - Fixed operaRotateMirrorCrop to use FITS compression type value, preventing a crash with newer versions of cfitsio. Fixed a bug with image file suffixes. - Updated GRACES Python pipeline. Mar 29 2016 - Updated operaVector, operaFluxVector, and operaVectorOperations to add missing functionality, remove unnecessary methods, and improve comments. - Updated operaSpectralElements to add missing getters and setters, and removed unnecessary methods. - Refactored polarization calculation methods in operaPolarimetry, and fixed a bug that occured when calculating polarization from the degree of polarization. - Modified includes so rather than operaSpectralTools using operaSpectralOrder, operaSpectralOrder uses operaSpectralTools which then uses operaSpectralElements. - Removed detectSpectralLinesInSpectralOrder function from operaSpectralTools and replaced it with detectSpectralLines method in operaSpectralOrder. - Updated and added classes and functions in operaSpectralTools to simplify storing and processing multiple flux vectors, and to improve performance. - Added methods to operaSpectralOrder to simplify iterating through beams. Refactored operaSpectralOrder and operaSpectralOrderVector using these methods. - Refactored, cleaned up, and fixed many parts of operaSpectralOrder and operaSpectralOrderVector with unclear behavior and inconsistent design. - Updated variance calculation in fitSEDFcalAndThroughputToFlatResp to use var(1/flatResp) instead of just 1/flatResp. - Updated operaFit library to use Horner's method for faster polynomial evaluation, and to make parameters more flexible for operaMPFitPolynomial function. - Updated fitSpectrumToPolynomial function to filter out NaN flux values, and to disregard flux error values. Removed obsolete parameter portionToUseForFit. - Updated operaPolarimetryCorrection to re-enabled continuum polarization since it no longer freezes. - Updated harness to be able to turn continuum polarization removal in LE products on or off via the RemoveContinuumPolarization parameter. - Updated operaArgumentHandler class to make verbose, debug, trace, and plot flags static so they can be accessed by library methods. - Added tilt parameter to operaExtractionApertureCalibration to specify a fixed tilt for all orders when constantTilt is enabled. - Updated harness for CFHT operations to improve reducing from archive and distribution. - Fixed several errors in comments.
Source: CHANGES-README, updated 2017-04-13

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