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  • I sincerly assume this software the perfect program I at all times tried! => check this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • I sincerly think this software one of the best software I ever tried! => check this site for Free Goods :

  • Simple and good CRUD framework

  • Buenas tarde amigos, soy nuevo en esto y este tipo de trabajo me gusto mucho es cómodo para trabajar con el pero tengo un problema, estoy tratando de hacer un campo calculable en varios puntos de mi proyecto el cual solo e podido realizar en un solo campo y los demás no me genera el resultado me lo deja en blanco alguien me puede ayudar en este campo este es el primero Depends("montoejecutado") public BigDecimal getAmount() { MathContext mc = new MathContext(4, RoundingMode.HALF_UP); BigDecimal valor = BigDecimal.ZERO; if (this.getProyecto() == null){ valor = BigDecimal.ZERO; }else{ valor = this.getMontoejecutado() .divide(this.getProyecto().getMontopretamo(),mc); } return valor; } este es el segundo @Stereotype("MONEY") @Depends("montoejecutado") public BigDecimal getporcentajedeejecucion() { MathContext mc = new MathContext(4, RoundingMode.HALF_UP); BigDecimal valor = BigDecimal.ZERO; if (this.getConvenios() == null){ valor = BigDecimal.ZERO; }else{ valor = this.getEjecutado() .divide(this.getConvenios().getAutorizado(),mc); } return valor; }

  • A powerfull and amazing RAD Development Tool in Java!!

  • Excelente marco de trabajo

  • Very good Model Driven framework! Keep the good work!

  • Excelente para desarrollo veloz

  • This is the choosen one when have to work with management applications.

  • This is a really great project: in less than one hour, you can be up and running with a web application backed up by a database. You don't even have to define any table in the database, they can all be auto generated. You don't have to write any html, it is auto generated. You can therefore concentrate on the logic of your web application and have it running in no time! A real implementation of the RAD approach: from demonstration to full blown application with unit testing in a few days.

  • Great framework! Development at ease! All complete, out of the box tools for rapid development.

  • One love with openxava! Thanks!

  • It's a tool. Try it and never leave it. It's the best!

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • Excelente framework!! y el libro Aprende OpenXava con ejemplos expone de una manera muy amena, sencilla y practica las características mas importante del framework, y no limitandose solamente a los famosos Hola Mundo y ejemplos superficiales. Es una opción muy interesante para poder tener un primer y productivo contacto con el mismo. Felicidades a todo el equipo de desarrolladores y en especial a Javier Paniza por Gol de escribir el material.

  • Great features. Nice program.

  • As a java developer when a came to know about rapid application tools, i start to feel some ignorance towards the those tools, when rubi and rails framework started to establishing in the software industry that time i thought java community is lagging in rapid application, that time i started to search rapid application developing framework, after doing the lots of research in this area, i finally decided to use OpenXava. its a good framework, still i'm learning and learning curve is very short if you are familiar with the hibernate. thank for javi for OpenXava

  • good job

  • Cool RAD tool with no doubt. There are many frameworks which just focus on the front-end AJAX implementation. OpenXava's focuses also on the back-end, so I helps develop application really fast. Of, course, It is very well documented, so easy to learn.

  • OpenXava is a ready to use framework that encourages RAD approach. Frequently released, support and documentation provided, the user can use its core functionality as is or extend it for specific need. Good job!

  • Very good framework. It's very easy to develop a Java Web Application.

  • Amazing rapid development of a simple system. Easy to teach - which is often more important than easy to learn :)

  • Facil de instalar y configurar. En pocos minutos dispones de una aplicación de mantenimiento de tablas. Simple de utilizar para el usuario final.

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