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  • Really helpful, helps me to organize my time and manage meetings. Saves a lot of time. Thank you guys!

  • openworkbench is most helpful project!

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  • Openworkbench works excellent.

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  • No, really fast app. thanks openworkbench

  • Good, but development should be continued.

  • you can use it, it has some good features, but there is better projects!

  • Like OpenProj this is old and almost unsupported. The only desktop project management software I have found that works well on windows is Gantt Project - but is has far less features.

  • This project definitely needs support. I would even say desperately… In my company, I lead a team of planning experts using Clarity & OWB on some 120 projects. When OWB/Clarity has been chosen worldwide in my company, we expected from an opensource project software to integrate regularly some requested enhancements, we expected new versions to be released at least twice a year. We thought that such a cornerstone opensource tool, sponsored by a major software actor (CA) would evolve both at functional and ergonomic levels to keep up with its competitor MSP. But, the facts are far below expectations: Source Forge portal provides version 1.1.4 released in 2005!... not in line with version 1.1.6 provided on (configuration management issue?). V.1.1.6 (March 2008) corrected some issues, ( ones appeared), but did not introduced any functional or ergonomic enhancement. I don’t blame the small OWB developer community, but I blame CA not being able to play its role of sponsor. CA must be aware that its inability to organize and support fixing OWB weaknesses and bugs, to properly manage OWB as a true opensource have and will certainly have adverse impacts on Clarity sales. That's a pity, because OWB has many great aspects, including its powerful scheduling engine that clearly outperforms MSP's. With a minimum of budget from CA, my company could maybe help reviving this project – we do it on many other opensource software.