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  • @yemodan2 how did you do it? can you please state how? or if you have instructions on how can i implement it on a shared hosting server

  • @Stevielinux, I successfully installed OpenSIS on a shared hosting environment. I can do the same on any hosting that supports php and mysql.

  • a lot of feature however student billing feature is not available in this release, the most important things is student billing. we hope next release will come with this module we are waiting cheer openSIS


  • good job, thanks!!!

  • i am happy with this tool!

  • opensis-ce works perfectly.

  • I want to help with the development of this system.

  • Is it free to use? Any hidden fee or software expiry after 90 days etc???

  • , everyone please check into that for internalisation of open sis , but iam not sure

  • How can i add fields that are not custom fields in opensis Students file?.

  • A quite useful application, it helped me abit.

  • OpenSIS is a good application, except is lack of localisation. I'm Trying to make it fully localizable in the next month or so. When I finish I will make the source available. So the community can continue fix bug in the new localizable version.

  • I am Kazam Raza from Pakistan. My website is I have found this software very useful for small and medium schools. This software is complete except for billing module. I have used the online demo of sis and found that the billing module is not fit for Pakistani schools. I am thinking of writing billing module for Pakistani schools.

  • Good Project but with bugs and dear in your 4.8 Release it is 4.7 kindly double check your zip files and at least your database is working for me i can develop my own scripts on basis of your database dump but your permission is ethically required. SK Developers, Faisalabad.