The project aim at developing open source software components for an embedded foot-mounted inertial navigation system. The platform is an Atmel AVR32UC3C2512c microcontroller with MPU9150 IMUs (previously Analog Devices iSensor 16367 IMU). However, the mechanization equations and filtering implementation should be independent of the hardware and easily compiled for other platforms.
The project is a part of the larger OpenShoe project aimed at developing a full open source hardware and software embedded ZUPT aided INS implementation. Hardware and software documentation is found at the OpenShoe homepage.
The work is a part of the research work carried out at the Signal Processing Lab, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and the Statistical Signal Processing Lab, IISc, Bangalore, India. The initial work was primarily be carried out during the fall and winter of 2011-2012. Since then the code has been continuously updated.


  • C implementation of ZUPT aided INS
  • Communication interfaces to PC (USB/Bluetooth) and to IMU (SPI(I2C)
  • Framework for running arbitrary processing functions

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  • Hi John-Olof very nice! I just got a comment in my blog (acassis wordpress com /2014/06/16/listing-of-open-source-inertial-navigation-system/) about the Inertial Elements and discovered your OpenShoe project. Do you know if there are people using it on UAV (drones) ?

  • Thank very very much! I am working on my graduation project, and my subject is "Low cost IMU on mobile robot",This c file about inertial navigation is so helpful for me, I can't express grateful I am.

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