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  • Thanks for Opensg, it's great!

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Nice and Easy to use. Great application ! Good work keep going !

  • Fast and simple.

  • dead

  • Excellent group of developers that has produced a very powerful and functional library for their own research and commercial endeavors. Unfortunately, they have been spread too thin the past year and the transition to truly distributed development model is hampered by resource availability. The knowledge in the library is complex and should be distributed among multiple groups for this project not to have a single point of failure on the founding members.

  • OpenSG has a lot of really powerful capabilities for anyone interested in a cross-platform, thread-safe, networked, and many other features. If you are interested in a powerful scenegraph, then look into OpenSG. I have successfully used OpenSG as the scenegraph in a video game.

  • OpenSG has some unique features (e.g. full thread safety via the Aspect/Changelists methaphor, very good cluster support) not found (or working less well) in other scene graph libraries. While OpenSG 2.0 is not released yet, many believe it's ready for prime-time usage (many companies are using it to develop commercial software right now) and has some architectural changes that make it even better than the 1.x versions.

  • Very descent scenegraph framework supporting networking and multi read AND write access to scenegraph data! Quick development of applications is possible e.g. using supported Qt 4.x classes.

  • OpenSG 2.0 is being actively developed, and although not officially released, it's in a very usable state. Overall it's a very well designed scene graph, with advanced features not found in other libraries.

  • I've been using it profesionally (i.e. developing and selling software where this is a vital component) from 2005 until now (2010-01-13) and it's a solid piece of code. OpenGL scenegraph, as it should be. (Esp the 2.0 series)

  • Great library, I am using it for my research in virtual reality at university.

  • It's not dead, not at all! There are some problems with the current website and some confusion about the repositories. They will be resolved soon. Check the mailing list for assistance: