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There are two main variants of OpenSG: the 1.x series and 2.0. OpenSG 1.x is in maintenance mode and only receives critical bug/build system fixes at this point. The last release in this series was 1.8, but after its release a number of bugs have been fixed, therefor we highly recommend you use a CVS checkout or (preferably) use the newer and actively developed 2.0 code base. For instructions on how to check out from CVS please see http://www.opensg.org/wiki/SourceAccess#OpenSG1.xrepository OpenSG 2.0 is where development happens, but there have not been any releases yet. Nevertheless the code base is fully usable and in active use by a number of users as well as the basis for all projects by the developers themselves. The OpenSG 2.0 codebase is maintained using git. For instructions on how to check out from GIT please see : http://www.opensg.org/wiki/SourceAccess#OpenSG2.0repository Nightly builds can be found at : http://opensg.fraunhofer.sg/user/gerrit/OpenSG.Dailybuild Doxygen documentation at : http://opensg.fraunhofer.sg/user/gerrit/OpenSG.Doc Old release files have been moved to the OldReleases section.
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