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  • For 90% of what I want to do in rocket simulation, this does it. A fine piece of work! The main shortcomings are lack of a few features I would like to see. I'm glad this release is starting to address tube fins. I'd also like to see it allow fins on boattails (V-2 anyone?). I'd like it to support (and print patterns for) cluster mount centering rings. I'd like strap-on boosters. I'd like it to allow more generality in rocket design — compound fins, for example. In fact what I'd really like is to be able to take almost any rocket design out there (Shrox, I'm looking at you) or in my head and draw up the design in OR, even if it gives me warnings that certain design features will not be simulated correctly. (Or, perhaps better yet, a separate rocket design application, allowing more generality than OR, but interoperable with OR so that it can import OR designs while OR can import its designs provided they meet OR's simulation constraints.) I ding OR a little bit on the support aspect because of the lack of OR presence on YORF. Some of us are just a little too fed up with TRF to spend time there. At minimum, new release announcements on YORF would be a good step.

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Good and useful software

  • I believe I have been using OpenRocket 12.03 and it has been wonderful! A little tricky puzzling out how to do things but the samples provided clues on how to use it. Just now found intruction manual on Sourceforge, wish I could download it as a pdf! Running it from Ubuntu mostly but ran from Win7-Starter initially. Recently tried to upgrade to 12.09.01 and successfully removed from Ubuntu using their "uninstaller" but when unzipping into the folder found some ".ork" files seem to have been deleted (found elsewhere, possibly where previously installed?). Anyway went back to original startup from the terminal window with the java -jar commandline. Started OK, loaded files OK, but I can't edit anything! Even allows creating new designs but still can't edit components (nosecone, bodytube, presumably anything.) Trying to go back to earlier version but no history on sourceforge and didn't save old download. May try toolbox if nothing else shows up first.

  • Excellent work. Thanks

  • Good soft!

  • I like it!

  • I've been using OpenRocket for 6 months now and it's my favorite program for designing rockets. The newest version 12.03 is exceptional. With the newest improvements to the software, you can now save files in RKT format, which is great! I can now send my designs to my friends who use RockSim and let them view my designs. I highly recommend this product no matter if you're a beginner and want to get started in rocketry or if you're an expert that's been doing it for years.

  • great software! :)

  • Found it very useful and very helpful.

  • This is a great piece of software. It lets you build and fly a rocket. (You can't really see the rocket exactly, but you get to see a plot of its flight. Great for schools because it is free and open. Your students can even afford to practice at home.

  • Absolutely recommend. Lots of fun and educational too. Thanks Sampo. Dave Cannell

  • Finally an open source alternative the 'the standards' that is already quite capable. Not sure how the development cycle is yet, but the planned features sound great and I look forward to them. Especially being able to easily add new motors, which is quite lacking IMHO.