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  • When I try to use the ubuntu package installation described at: I get an error... E: Package 'ntfsprogs' has no installation candidate Any idea why does not resolve? thx brian

  • This is a powerful tool for our Virtual environment and physical servers. Full of useful plugins and just one console to track everything....keep going

  • I have to say. That is great!

  • Outstanding software, thanks

  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

    4 users found this review helpful.
  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best!

    3 users found this review helpful.
  • More Clear description would be nice, for a starting user with these tool is very difficrult!

  • Very interesting and promising project, thanks!

  • Superb job, thank you for discussing

  • Not so easy to understand, as I would like, but then platform is just perfect to cope with its tasks.

  • openQRM good app, but not easy to use...

  • Thanks!

  • Platform is awesome!! highly appreciate the done work

  • a great project you could be proud - of. the best Cloud management solution on our era. so much to learn...

  • This is a great project. Like most open source works, documentation is everything. I found almost all of the answers to my questions by researching the numerous articles and howtos on the net. I do wish that my posts to the forums were answered a little faster and with more detail. I've been stuck for days wrestling with one problem where a slightly more detailed response would have made all the difference. I thoroughly believe in this project. If I do get past these last few hurdles, I hope to be an active participant in the forums, easing the way for others.

  • Lots of features and a great UI to make various processes go much more smoothly than without.

  • just sexy :)

  • good job

  • Great project with a lot of potential. Documentation of usage cases could be better to help people get started much easier. At the moment it's a lot of fighting through the documentation to puzzle the pieces together. As far as I know there are only a few tutorials available. Hopefully there'll be more soon.

  • ;-)

  • RTFM again and again and it eventual all falls into place, excellent work !!

  • Need it!

  • Anyone with experience with large open source projects knows it sometimes takes a little knowledge and work to get them running. This is not ubuntu. But I just netbooted one physical server on 3 different distributions with 3 configurations in 15 minutes. Then I booted the same image on a Xen host. Then I migrated it to an EC2 node with a few mouse clicks...yeah, this is cool.

  • Best tool for the job

  • "Articulative, creative and ultimately by far the most innovative project so far ..... high commendation go to project leaders, developers and contributors for this project…. all of us praise your effort and perseverance that has gone into making this project successful." We would be obliged to offer our support and assistance, where you deem necessary PM for technology @ CERN (Europe)