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Changelog - openQRM Community Edition 5.0 New in openQRM Community 5.0 * removed Frames * rewrote complete base UI using MVC pattern * rewrote and enhanced EVERY plugin with new cool features * a complete new Cloud Portal * added postgres as second supported (and tested) database backend for openQRM (default: mysql) * added capabilites for easy-translation of all UI elements * Base UI translastions: EN/DE * Cloud Portal translations: EN/DE/ES/NL/FR/IT * implemented "active events" to show what is going on in the background * mapped "images" and "volumes" - creating a volume automatically creates a new image - cloning/snapshotting a volume automatically creates a new image - removing a volume automatically removes the coresponding image - Please notice: Starting from 5.0 image name must be uniqe! * added plugin dependencies to easily guide users which plugins must be enabled for specific use-cases * new lcms plugin replacing the old drbdmc plugin * added openqrm class factory providing dynamic class-loading and very easy-access to the openQRM Plugin Developer API * added option in openqrm to setup and configure custom boot-services per appliance * removed dropbear compilation, added package dependency for dropbear on openQRM and for openQRM clients * made the build/install action about 80% more robust and easier * moved to one generic openQRM client without any binaries (no ARCH or VERSION dependencies any more) * removed intird-template build procedure from standard installation making it much more robust * added a full featured openQRM commandline client! You can now "drive" openQRM in a terminal session
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