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  • It is not free, You can not get the Gantt chart as a pdf. It says you need to upgrade. I recommend "GanttProject", which is free and you can extract the Gantt chart nice and easy.

  • OpenProject ist not supported by Serena any more, see The follower is ProjectLibre, which you can find here on sourceforge.

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  • The print to a PDF or select any printer which creates a working file for printing / display purposes was inoperative (the default microsoft XPS for example). It will generate a popup error dialog which states "Invalid name of print service." Having said that .... the software appears to be rather well done. Update: After closing and opening the application several times, another dialog now appears which does allow use of the printers installed to the machine. Not sure why ..... but printing now works.

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  • It appears to be everything I wanted and for those of you who require a PDF. Simply print to PDF Print Select your printer - PDF (or if you do not have this capability, download FoxitSoftware PDF reader. Its Free. Then install it and it provides printing to PDF capability) Print Select filename and path Save Done.

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  • Erro ao abrir o projeto salvo.

  • I had installation problems with java version. I found solution in a forum by changing the run.conf I still cannot save as PDF. how do?

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  • how can we trasfer POD to PDF

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  • I was unable to run this program. I have Java 1.7 and after installation the program did not like my version of java.

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  • One star no tbecause it no good but because its is unsupported dead software - Check out Serena dot com Recommend you use ProjectLibre instead - search sourceforge You can also print to pdf with ProjectLibre

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  • I don't know about other languages, but the Spanish translation is atrocious. It's not that it has some mistakes or typos (there are plenty), it's just a fully made up language including words that don't even exist. Just during the installation process I panicked when I read "I acepta" which makes absolutely no sense ("I" is not even a word!), and the rest was equally awful. I tried to make it switch to English without success, so ended up uninstalling it to prevent excessive eye bleeding.

  • Essentially I wanted to read micorsoft project files sent by one of our project managers. Fails to open the project I was emailed -- Use ProjectLibre (which ironically looks like a fork or clone of this project).

  • It can not even generate PDF file. Total waste

  • Atende as necessidades de um gerenciamento de projeto de forma rápida e eficaz. Ainda não é como o MsProject, mas esta muito bom e achei mas facil de usar

  • Stable work. Good product.

  • Excellent work. Very good to what I need. I miss some functions and ease to graphical interaction.

  • An excellent lighweight alternative to MS Project. Easy to use and for me it provides the 80% of what a PM needs.

  • Just what I was looking for! Thanks!!

  • This is an excellent project that is enterprise ready. Rocks!!

  • excellent program for monitoring your Internet connections, it is very informative interface

  • how can we convert the POD file to pdf file.??

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