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  • This is a very well thought-out project and very well presented. This makes for a very enjoyable project to build, but also leaves you with a usefull/neccassary piece of kit for the future. Well done Alberto..and thank you. Jan

  • Llevaba tiempo buscando un programador con estas caracteristicas...y open source!!!! Solo falta implementar memorias paralelas.... Estoy haciendo la traduccion al español de la aplicacion, ya te la enviare. Un saludo y felicidades por el gran trabajo que has realizado.

  • Exactly what i need. Awesome project, keep it up!

  • Ihave an K150 and a PicKit3 (clone) programmer but this one is the best .It is made to be friendly with the user not with the "seller", I am new in this HOBBY but for begining I am 100% pleased. Stefan

  • This is an awesome project. Programmer is easy to build, easy to use and low-cost! I'm using it for three years and there was NO problems with it. Alberto - you are a genius!

  • This project was awesome!! first i try to build it on universal pcb board, i works then.. the internal Vreg was blew up, it warms then suddenly the Vusb pin died, cannot connect to usb. The usb communication failed. After do some research, i read the datasheet of 18F2550 and i can use external power to my vdd (Vusb is >= vdd) rail it says. So make story short i put 330uh, 1k resistor and disable the Vreg bit off on fuse and it works. Now i finally use my programmer!! tnx!! i wish for update is support atmega series like atmge2560 and so on!!

  • Awesome programmer i built it on a perfboard it works like a charm. It brought all my PICs and AVRs back to life :)

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  • Look nice thanks. Keep it up!

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • I am trying to learn how to program PIC's and have been looking for a programmer that I could build for a low cost, work reliably, support newer chips, and work with different brands of devices. This project meets and exceeds all my requirements. I was able to follow the instructions and on my first attempt succeeded in making a working programmer that is modular in design. I now have a much better programmer than the one I had been fighting with up to this point. A lot of thought and effort has been put into this project and I appreciate the high quality results very much!