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V2.5.1 2017-03-03
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V2.4.0 2016-06-06
V2.3.2 2016-04-25
V2.3.1 2016-02-05
V2.3.0 2015-12-03
V2.2.2 2015-12-03
V2.3.0-rc1 2015-09-28
V2.2.1 2015-08-28
V2.2.0 2015-06-03
V2.1.2 2015-05-06
V2.1.1 2015-03-02
V2.1.0 2014-12-12
V2.0.2 2014-10-09
V1.8.5 2014-10-09
V2.0.1 2014-07-28
V2.0.0 2014-04-22
V1.8.4 2013-10-18
V1.8.3 2013-07-23
V1.8.2 2012-10-24
V1.8.1 2012-04-06
V1.8.0 2011-11-21
V1.7.1 2011-02-24
V1.7.0 2010-10-13
V1.6.0 2010-03-03
V1.5.3 2009-10-08
V1.4.0 2009-04-16
V1.3.0 2008-11-21
V1.2.0 2008-08-29
V1.1.0 2008-04-17
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openPOWERLINK {#mainpage}

openPOWERLINK - An Open Source POWERLINK protocol stack

Ethernet POWERLINK is a Real-Time Ethernet field bus system. It is based on the Fast Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3.

openPOWERLINK is an Open Source Industrial Ethernet stack implementing the POWERLINK protocol for Managing Node (MN, POWERLINK Master) and Controlled Node (CN, POWERLINK Slave). It implements all important features required by modern POWERLINK devices such as Standard, Multiplexed and PollResponse Chaining mode of operation, dynamic and static PDO mapping, SDO via ASnd and SDO via UDP, as well as asynchronous communication via a Virtual Ethernet interface.

Latest stable version: 2.6.2 Current version: 2.6.2


openPOWERLINK is Open Source software (OSS) and is licensed under the BSD license. Some target platform specific parts of the stack are licensed under other licenses such as, without limitation, the GNU General Public License Version 2. Please refer to the file's header and the file \"\" for the applicable license and the corresponding terms and conditions.


The documentation of the openPOWERLINK protocol stack can be found in the subdirectory "doc". It is written in markdown markup format. The openPOWERLINK software manual can be generated from the markdown documentation and the in-source documentation with the tool Doxygen. Doxygen version 1.8.11 or higher is required.

To generate the software manual:

  > cd doc/software-manual
  > doxygen

The software manual will be created in HTML format under doc/software-manual/html.

The documentation of the latest stack version is also available online on the openPOWERLINK website:


Support on openPOWERLINK is available via the online discussion forums:


openPOWERLINK can be downloaded from its SourceForge project site:


(c) SYSTEC electronic GmbH, Am Windrad 2, D-08468 Heinsdorfergrund,

(c) B&R Industrial Automation GmbH, B&R Strasse 1, A-5142 Eggelsberg,

(c) Kalycito Infotech Private Limited,

(c) Weidmueller Interface GmbH & Co. KG, 2016

(c) Open Wide Ingenierie, a Smile group company, 20 rue des Jardins, 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine,

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