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  • I like to use OpenOffice, because it is free resource, and it is easy to use.

  • Dead easy to install

  • Excellent alternative to MS Office

  • wow amazing

  • Excellent

  • The installation program for 4.1.5 has a problem that prevents it from completing the installation.

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  • Really interesting.

  • I love Apache OpenOffice. I just downloaded 4.0 and it looks pretty good. I am not a big fan of the big sidebar stuff, but once you close it, it seems to stay closed. It looks like it may be useful to those who use such things though. I had thought that this version would allowing saving in the docx and other newer M.S. file types, but ti doesn't. That doesn't matter to me either as I save my stuff in .doc. I figure that anyone can open a doc file so I am not worried about the newer types. What would I like to see in a future update? I don't know if it would be a simple or not, but I would like to be able to customize my tool bars by just dragging icons to the bar itself (the way M.S. Office and Softmaker Office allow one to do). I tried LibreOffice and to me it seemed bloated. It also wasn't as fast as A.O.O. What do I like BEST about A.O.O.? You have kept the menus and tool bars looking the same. It doesn't look like one big tool bar at eh top of the screen. There is a distinction between bars. Unlike L.O. tool bars that seem all run together. And we SURELY do not need that ridiculous ribbon interface that M.S. has adopted. The tool bar is a simple thing, but it is what keeps this Office Suite top of the rest. We don't need super fancy stuff. What we DO need is what works and looks pleasing to the eye. A.O.O. has managed to do that. Thanks Guys. :)

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  • Very nice with small size.

  • VBA macro support

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  • I love Apache Open Office!! In the earliest days of development in the 2000's ( I think under Sun Micro?) it was a little unstable but over the years these later versions are fantastic. I can do everything I need to. I have sincere appreciation for everyone that has to contributed to the development of this application. Thank you for making it such a great program and especially in keeping it accessible to all.

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  • Best office ever.. I thought it would have been missing some features since I was accustomed to MS Word ..the truth is, I am enjoying Apache and not missing MSword.

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  • "...people who have anything to fear from free software are those whose products are worth even less" (David Emery). Open Office remembered me once and once more this sentence: the fact to be a free suite is just another exponent more of its excelence, and think its presence and constant improvement in the market has kept the non-free products with a much better price/performance ratio. For all of that reasons, thank you, Sourceforge, thank you Open Office; in the name of the free and not free software consumers.

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  • Amazing software! Easy to use, features are great, much better than Microsoft Office, and all that. I highly recommend that everyone download this great program, you won't regret it. It's just great!

  • If you are greedy and don't crack, then OpenOffice is the thing for you. I absolutely love this program, and thank them many times. Without you - many projects wouldn't be possible before Google Doc was a thing. Keep it up.

  • this is an awesome app, i downloaded it first time in 2016, december and i can say that it works awesome!@!! No more needing Microsoft office!

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  • awesome application, THANK YOU!!!!

  • With a passion I hate openoffice now and I used to like it. It is MEGA CRAP! I have been trying so so hard to insert some pictures into a book I am writing and have managed to do it. Every time I get to the end of the book for some f@cking reason the pictures all shrink in size and I have to reinsert them all again for at least the 6th time. 50 of them! Why the damn hell does this keep happening?!!! When I downloaded the update it was supposed to have made it stable but it failed! I have used openoffice for many years but this is the last time! I am sick of this! I just want to get my book finished but will not be using this bullsh!t programme again! Sorry for swearing but I am so very angry! I will be using microsoft who are superior from now on and don't care if I have to pay. At least I know I will be using quality. I would certainly not recommend openoffice to anyone. Good riddance! Should have uninstalled years ago!

  • I use windows 10 and it happens that the screen scroll when I use Apache Office goes very slow and the page pass is exasperatingly slow. W-10 crushes me with Microsoft Office. Can they handle my machine? Regards

  • I never really had a problem with OpenOffice when I rarely used it. Now that I am using it regularly for studying and business I see how much it is lacking. None of the extensions work that I try to use, and gives me errors. No matter what I have done to try to fix it, there seems to be no fix. There is no speech recognition software that is compatible with this, can not even use Windows speech recognition. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, updated the extensions, turned Java off (because of the errors) turned it back on, and all combinations of anything I can find online to get these things to work, and they just don't. It is in a constant state of recovery of my documents, even though I save and shut down correctly. If you don't have anything extra you want to use OO for besides typing a love letter, then it is fine. When you start getting into bigger things, it does not work satisfactorily.

  • Base work not fine as Microsoft Access. This is not for Business. The Instaaltion works good. Thats one thing that good is.

  • Thanks!

  • ... without addressing the software technicalities (I hope that I can find my way to alphabetizing a list some day) - let me say that I am beyond grateful to have been directed to AOO - (so far ...) there is no cost ... and when I was in need of typing a note, a letter, the immediacy of being able to do so is / was greatly appreciated ... whoever you all are - Thank You "Bigly" ... I praise your working minds !!!

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