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  • I'm using Windows 10 x64 and trying to connect to Ubuntu 16 with XRDP. The port is open and I could partially connect with another XN client, so I guess the port configuration is OK on the server side. The latest version ( crashed just after I configured the connection and tried to connect, and previous ( returned the following error: "Unexpected termination of nxssh" In both instances the OpenNX client was running with admin rights and the session was configured to use Unix and GNOME. crashed nearly instantly, but at least it created more detailed log files. When I tried to run the command line which OpenNX used with nxssh it returned no error, but timed out in 60 seconds. When I could run a debugger and it reported that there was an AccessViolation in OpenNX.exe at 0x0089CFCC.

  • Excellent replacement for NoMachine's client when you just want to get to your remote desktop. It's unfortunate that the latest version for windows right now will crash when you try to connect, but the previous one is working fine,

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  • Now I see my server was quick enough, only connection was bad with NX nomachine :) Congrats!!!

  • MacOS version of this OpenNX works flawlessly, whareas noMachines client crashes on my Mountain Lion.

  • Good and useful software

  • great tool, thanks.

  • Love that its free

  • Great work, i love it!

  • good job

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Good work:) Thanks

  • The best OSS NX client

  • Great replacement for the proprietary NX client by Nomachine. I also just realized that "nxssh" and "nxesd" on which OpenNX depends are open source as well. Theses binaries can be built by downloading their sources from It would be great if the build instructions for these binaries could be added to the OpenNX build instructions wiki page.

  • Alot better than the original client on OSX

  • good project

  • Indeed, the only open NX client I can find that is remotely in shape. And it's good!

  • The best OSS NX Client available