The MSX emulator that aims for perfection. NOTE: this project moved to GitHub. The content of this project page is frozen and will not be updated. The project is alive and kicking, though! Check out our website for the new project pages.

Release Notes for openMSX 0.9.0 (2012-08-12)

This release improves a lot on accuracy of floppy support, especially by the
introduction of support for the DMK format. This means it should be possible to
run all MSX disk software without patching it.

Furthermore, our efforts to improve performance has some results: start up time
has almost halved on a Dingoo A320!

Here's the list with all highlights:

MSX device support:
- Bug fixes:
  - overscan: 512x512 demo by NYYRIKKI and Don't Cock It Up by Matra now work
  - cursor order in B-modes of GFX9000
  - several small issues in existing MSX machine configurations
  - broken border rendering on ARM CPU's
  - 2nd drive detection on National machines
  - detail in MSX-AUDIO that prevented proper detection in MSX-AUDIO BIOS 1.3
- Accuracy improvements:
  - much improved accuracy for Floppy Drive Controllers (mostly WD2793 and
  - added support for delayed motor off for disk drives, as in real machines
    implemented by the CXD1032 chip
  - disk drive rotation is now correct
  - added support for persistency of S1985 back-up RAM
  - added support for specifying the initial content of RAM and VRAM. Fixing
    this for the Philips MSX2's shows why Cas Cremers never noticed a bug in
    Akin, causing white pixels on the screen
- Added initial support for Video9000:
  - new extension, which gives a new Video9000 videosource
  - the Video9000 can display the GFX9000 output superimposed over the normal
    VDP. Software which writes to I/O port 0x6F when a Video9000 is connected
    will make sure the right video signal is displayed. This is now emulated.
    So, use the video9000 extension instead of the gfx9000 extension to benefit
    from Video 9000 aware MSX software!
  - added video recording for Video9000 videosource
- Added support for the FDC connection style of the Victor HC-9x
- Added support for several floppy drive extensions: Sanyo MFD-001, Mitsubishi
  ML-30DC/ML-30FD, Talent DPF-550, AVT DPF-550, Philips NMS 1200
- Added Spanish Mitsubishi ML-G1, Spanish Mitsubishi ML-G3, Japanese Sony HB-10
  and Talent TPC-310 machines

New or improved emulator features:
- MSX developer features:
  - more mappers now have a romblocks debuggable
  - added several new procs for break point conditions: address_in_slot,
  - you can now have breakpoints and watchpoints anywhere in a MegaROM
  - previously hardcoded warnings for invalid PSG directions and di;halt
    detection are now a Tcl callback, which means you can e.g. let openMSX go
    into a break point when they occur, or disable them altogether
  - save_debuggable can now also save part of a debuggable
- Console support/scripts:
  - added type command that can type from file and a special version with
    offset to type passwords)
  - added syntax highlighting for Tcl in the console
  - show errors in the console in red
  - implemented tab-completion for nested Tcl commands
- OSD menu improvements:
  - list of machines and extensions are now sorted alphabetically
  - file lists are now filtered on extension case insensitively
- Performance improvements:
  - OSD
  - start-up time
  - several scripts (reverse bar a.o.)
- Miscellaneous:
  - guess_title script is now a lot better and is used to generate file names
    if no file name was given (e.g. to screenshots)
  - reverse bar has now even clearer colors to reflect recording (red) and
    replaying state
  - don't print an error when an initial CMOS/SRAM file isn't found
  - enable auto-run for cassettes by default
  - show an error message when using harddisk images larger than 2GB, because
    that is currently not properly supported
  - show progress on calculating SHA1 sum of large harddisk images
  - additional files for ROMs (like samples for Playball) can now also be in
    the same directory as the ROM file

Build system, packaging, documentation:
- Upgraded 3rd party libraries
- Removed support for PPC on Mac and added build support for clang, which is
  also our new default compiler for Mac OS X
- Added several utilities for DMK support: dumping tool, analyzing tool,
  creation tool and conversion tools
- First step in phasing out the roms/ directories: removed them (including
  SHA1SUMS file which was redundant with the hardwareconfig.xml files) and new
  configs do not use the path with roms/ anymore; use the systemroms pool

And of course the usual various bug fixes.

In "doc/manual/index.html" you can find a set of HTML manuals for openMSX.
Make sure you read this if you haven't used openMSX before, but also to learn
more about the new and changed features.

CPU and graphics performance varies a lot, depending on the openMSX settings
and the MSX hardware and software you're emulating. Some things run fine on a
200 MHz machine, others are slow on a 2 GHz machine. For performance tuning
tips, see the Setup Guide.

openMSX is confirmed to run on the following operating systems: Linux, Windows,
Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD; on x86, x86-64, PPC, ARM, MIPS and Sparc
CPU's. Running on other operating systems (wherever SDL runs) or CPU's should
be possible, but may require some modifications to the build system. If you are
compiling on a new platform, please share your experiences (see below for
contact info), so we can make openMSX more portable.

openMSX Home Page:
Project page on SourceForge:
Contact options:
- Send a message to the openmsx-user mailing list.
  Go to the SourceForge project page and look under "Lists".
- Post on our forum:
- Talk to us on #openmsx on

Thanks to all contributors for their feedback, support, bug reports, testing,
coding and other help!

Have fun with your emulated MSX!
                                        the openMSX developers

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