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  • to be honest, I tried several products but OMV is the most powerful one. excellent community and it servers an easy setup. Go ahead and try it - you won't get disappointed -trust me!

  • OMV is all you need for a home or small business NAS, is easy to use, and has a lot of features. Ver. 2.1 runs very well on a gen8 microserver.

  • Well layed out web gui. Easy to setup, great for SOHO, responsive user community and dev support

  • NAS Software with well laid out web interface, with lots of plug-in features. Excellent for home or small business use.

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  • THIS is the NAS-software you want to go for. It is extremely stable, needs low resources, easy to install and maintain also for "normal" users like me. The installation is easy, and the Web interface is easy and logical. So, it is easy to create users and folders, and give the appropriate access rights. Also the plug-ins are cool. I run a Windows7 in parallel on the NAS and switch over if I need it, stream to my stereocenter the music I have, and use OpenVPN to do my banking and other private stuff when I am travelling via a secure connection. Also the speed ist fantastic, I manage to get transfers above 100MBit. Since I have tested several other solutions, I am happy to have finally arrived at Openmediavault. Easy to use for beginners, really fun for more experienced users, good performance, and running super on my old hardware which is now put to good and versatile usage again. Also the community is very helpful, usually you get (even to beginner's questions as I posted) answers and solutions within one day, in a very friendly manner. HIGHLY recommended!!

  • First of all, thank you for this great Project! This is the best NetworkAttachedStorage solution ever. So many Plugins available, BEST support on world and also compatible to almost any system! Everything at all, WONDERFUL also great job at by their moderators

  • excellent system, with many features for untrained users

  • I use openmediavault since half a year now and I'm very happy with it. Support is excellent and omv runs like a charm... Thank you!!!

  • Escrevo na minha lingua nativa. Só posso dizer bem deste software que ainda por cima é totalmente gratuito. Ao inicio tive muitas duvidas, mas com a ajuda do pessoal do forum terminei por ve-las resolvidas. Já fui utilizador de outros NAS, mas este convenceu-me por completo e não pretendo outro. Recomendo-o a todos a utilização deste programa. ------ I write in my native language. I can only say well this software on top is completely free. At the beginning I had many doubts, but with the help forum staff finished by to see them resolved. I have been user other NAS, but this convinced me completely and do not want another. I recommend it to everyone using this program.

  • OMV is a flexible/powerful NAS open source software solution (based on Debian). I find the support community to be the friendliest most helpful I've ever encountered. The quality of the core software is a testament to the efforts of Volker and the other community of developers who work on the powerful plugin system. Thank you all...

  • The best NAS platform, and by far. It is Linux debian based, highly flexible, accept all filesystems (including ZFS), has all sorts of plug-ins to install and of real Linux applications to add (like Sabnzbd, Sickbeard, Couchpotato...). With an easy to use interface, very comprehensive, adapted to both the beginner and the geek, and with a very active forum. The developper, Volker, does a great job here.

  • Outstanding software for a new person to linux and NAS in general. OMV has allowed me to get up and running after a short learning curve. I have tried more complicated open source NAS projects and have gotten lost. Glad I found this one.

  • After trying several other NAS packages, I settled on OMV. I have never looked back. It's simplicity is is a very well-crafted piece of software in all respects. Excellent performance, non-intrusive updating, simple to operate, and lean on resource requirements. Highly recommended!

  • An excellent NAS project for all that finds FreeBSD based projects diffucult.

  • I have used FreeNAS, NAS 4 Free, and OpenMediaVault as a method of satisfying my home needs for a personal server. FreeNAS was too technical and too advanced and difficult with the plugin setup. NAS4Free came with some built in programs that i needed to run in order to view my media. OpenMediaVault was so easy to configure. Just download the extraplugins file, upload it, and blam. All necessary plugins are available for installation and configuration. I found OMV the easiest one of them all to configure for my needs. The hardest part about OMV was the initial installation of the OS onto the usb stick. Once you get OMV on the usb stick it is a breeze. This OS is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

  • Using OpenMediaVault on a HP N54L Microserver as an archive, Mini DLNA server, automatic backup via rsync etc. Never had any serious problems, very customizable, well maintained and free. What more can you ask for?

  • Love OpenMediaVault, I use it as my OS of choice for my SAN. I am always trying new things and when I break things the formus are VERY helpful. I've tried many NAS OS's and OpenMediaVault it THE best!

  • I was using openmediavault for about one year and it is really an amazing job. Very simple for anybody that want an efficient way to manage a NAS and more than that. Only some small migration issues from 0.5 to 1.0.

  • New to Omv, I am very satisfied by this product. Support is reactive and excellent. Keep going guys!

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  • I have used OpenMediaVault for almost one year now. Its the best opensource NAS software on the internet! Its very stable and Wolker is doing a great job. The support is very good through the forum.

  • most modern media server out there, installed on my debian box w/o breaking anything else, awesome!

  • Great piece of software, perfect for a NAS or even a fileserver for a small business. Great set of features that are backed up by a great set of plugins. Also great that the developers (mainly plugin developers) talk to people on the forums to resolve issue and add new features etc.

  • best open source nas software, easy to use, works as expected, good community and rapid development

  • Excellent free NAS software! :)

  • Thank you for the Raspberry Pi images !!

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