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  • Hi, Seems to be a promising project. Unfortunately it did not work for me, it was a waste of time. I wanted to switch from Freenas to Openmediavault for the virtualization using Virtualbox and using a RAID 1 for my data. First of all, you have to find the default login/password, would be great to display it after the installation, how to change that password? It is not clearly indicated. The interface lacks of explanation of forms and options. Problems on the version 4.1.3: - a lot of error message throwing on the interface with access problem to tmp files (I don't remember exactly the error). - What I don't understand is why do we have to apply a configuration after we saved it? Isn't it possible to do it automatically ? - There is a transparent div stuck in the end of the body which I guess is the background of popup windows. I have to go in the html inspector to delete it and get the control again. It happens sometime after I close a window. - The thing that frustrated me in the all is the incapability to create a RAID, I don't even understand why I can see physic HDD, I can create new volumes but I cannot create a RAID. No hard drive displayed. So I searched on google, found the solution on the official forum which is OMV extra (dead link, so had to search it on the official site). I downloaded and installed the plugin, a painful to install it throwing a lot of error. Rebooted the machine and voila installed without any error. But surprise, there is no Backports tabulation as expected in the plugin... Ok, I assumed that version is too young and still unstable, so I tried the version 3.0.94 which is the one proposed as main link. In a word "unresponsive", nothing works on it except the authentication. It worked for some of people but for me it was a real waste of time and a bad experience, I would prefer to stay on Freenas. My last and better option would be Denbian and the command lines which I am going to do. As I said, this is a promising project, still too young though. Developers need to think to perform deep tests and before publishing a version.

  • Started using openmediavault as a NAS server quite a while back. It is pretty easy to use for me and is still a constant learning curve when bugs an issues arise. This is helped by a really good support forum with a wealth of knowledge and answers. Overall if you want a straightforward NAS server to file store, run media from, run virtual machines this is pretty good for it.

  • Awesome Project/Software !!!!!! Check out my tutorial about it at:

  • Has an huge amout of Software packages and is User Friendly. Use Ubuntu server before this and have a Qnap, but OMV is defenitly the best one out there.

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  • I really enjoy using this OS for my NAS, it can be very simple or also very complex depending on your needs. The community is exceptional as well. I plan to be a user for a very long time.

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  • OMV is an excellent distribution that can turn an old computer into a super NAS system. Quick and easy install on HDD/SD/USB. Very easy to administrate. Many plugins, active community, friendly support. Just excellent !

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  • Look no further for the best NAS solution for your home. Very stable, plenty of extensions and a great community.

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  • One of the easiest, if not THE easiest, to set up and use NAS projects out there.

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  • Der Beste Seiner Klasse !!

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  • I recently bought an Odroid XU4 to use it as a personal NAS, and I have been using the OpenMediaVault OS since then. The easy installation, the available plugins, and the quick and good support of the people investing their efforts in this project, makes a wise decision to stick to it instead of any other sollutions.

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  • I started using OpenMediaVault (OMV) on a Raspberry PI (29 USD) with an extra hard drive, as an experimental data backup to a Windows Server. The initial set up was easy to do from OMV's web page interface. I was impressed with the solid stability and that fact that OMV just works. This "experiment" graduated into a low cost, low power, compact package that has proven itself to be reliable. The plug-in’s function as they should which makes setting up OMV to do what you want it to do, an a-la-cart process. Add what you need, leave out what you don't, and enjoy the best possible performance. (Of note, every plug-in I've tried works as advertised.) OMV will operate reliably and well on minimum hardware as is evidenced with good performance on a Raspberry PI. (Again, I'm using a 29 USD R-PI, with OMV installed on an SD card, an external drive dock, and a 1TB hard drive.) As a point of reference: I have extensive experience in enterprise networking, user and administrator experience with the various iterations of Windows in it's server, workstation and consumer variants all the way back to Windows 3.1. I also have knowledge of Linux that I believe is better than the average novice. Why use OMV?: I've accumulated a lot of personal data that I want to preserve without issue or incident. I also want to have physical possession of my data without relying on someone else's server in the so called "cloud" (A foolish term for the Internet). Why? Companies go bankrupt everyday, employees become disgruntled, disasters happen, and data dissapears. (Believe it.) While I've dealt with complex software solutions in times past (Client / Server operations, VIA remote access terminal servers come to mind). I'm at a point in life where I value simplicity and reliability. Even if it's at the top level, I don't want to redesign a custom solution and test it every year, to store my data. Further Windows based software and Windows itself, simply can't be trusted as the sole solution for storage. In the bottom line: I've tried various pieces of NAS hardware. I've also tried various free and paid software products. I settled on OMV for many of the reasons noted above, but it's also important to note that it provides additional high end features that are typically found in paid products. The average computer literate user will find that, if they have some older out of date hardware laying around, OMV can be used to create a NAS device, at very low cost. Further, OMV can provide numerous other network services. (Media streaming, DHCP, Local DNS, WEB sites, RAID arrays, etc..) It's a fine product. ((Oh, by the way if OMV is used to handle your data, a 10 dollar donation is in order. The money saved on hardware and / or software will more than cover a small contribution.))

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  • Have been using OMV for a couple of years. Run 3 disks rsync'd and SnapRaid across all of it. The plugins are excellent, using it as a media server as well. Whilst the webUI could be prettier, you know what it doesn't matter. You can do everything through terminal if you want to anyway. The system is solid, and the only issues I have had have been my "experiments" Support through the forum is excellent, and I am always surprised more people do not use it!

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  • OMV is outstanding! I've run it for a couple of years now, presently using v2.1.23 to serve filesystems from 8 drives. It has been fully reliable, I've yet to have any software issues with it. The web UI is easy to use but also comprehensive. OMV has broad filesystem support, which I've found useful when upgrading our pcs/laptops - I can add the old drives to my OMV server to have all of the data easily available on the LAN.

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  • I use OMV on a daily basis and once configured it just works like a charm. Even if there's a problem to solve, both, community and support act very responsively and answer questions in a helpful and constructive way.

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  • an impressive NAS/VM host setup I yet to come across off. works very well and have an impressive number of plugins and add-ons to work with. seams very stable. need some work in area of supporting KVM via GUI. but that is just nit-picking :-) virtualbox works very well. thanks for a great product.

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  • the best things for your home nas. easy and simply. not need to be linux expoert

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  • Amazing, simple. Great job !

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  • Great Project!! Easy Setting,user friendly.Super love!!

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  • simply great!

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  • Very good !!!

  • I have been using OMV for about a year. Love it so much I have also installed it for Brother for a NAS solution. Support forum is excellent. Get immediate help always. Eagerly waiting for version 3.X

  • Excellent. Used NAS4Free before, but OMV is much more stable and easier to maintain and to extend with extra functionality.

  • Great, easy and perfectly supported

  • Show !!

  • Just ok, 4 stars

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