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About Feng Office ================================ Feng Office is a Collaboration Platform and Project Management System. It is licensed under the Affero GPL 3 license. For further information, please visit: * http://www.fengoffice.com/ * http://fengoffice.com/web/forums/ * http://fengoffice.com/web/wiki/ * http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengoo Contact the Feng Office team at: * contact@fengoffice.com System requirements =================== Feng Office requires a running Web Server, PHP (5.0 or greater) and MySQL (InnoDB support recommended). The recommended Web Server is Apache. Feng Office is not PHP4 compatible and it will not run on PHP versions prior to PHP 5. Recommendations: PHP 5.2+ MySQL 5+ with InnoDB support Apache 2.0+ * PHP : http://www.php.net/ * MySQL : http://www.mysql.com/ * Apache : http://www.apache.org/ Please have a look at our requirements here: http://www.fengoffice.com/web/wiki/doku.php/installation:server_reqs Alternatively, if you just want to test Feng Office and you don't care about security issues with your files, you can download XAMPP, which includes all that is needed by Feng Office (Apache, PHP 5, MySQL) in a single download. You can configure MySQL to support InnoDB by commenting or removing the line 'skip-innodb' in the file '<INSTALL_DIR>/etc/my.cnf'. * XAMPP : http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp Installation ============ 1. Download Feng Office - http://fengoffice.com/web/community/ 2. Unpack and upload to your web server 3. Direct your browser to the public/install directory and follow the installation procedure Further information can be found here: http://www.fengoffice.com/web/wiki/doku.php/installation:installation You should be finished in a matter of minutes. 4. Some functionality may require further configuration, like setting up a cron job. Check the wiki for more information: http://fengoffice.com/web/wiki/doku.php/setup WARNING: Default memory limit por PHP is 8MB. As a new Feng Office install consumes about 10 MB, administrators could get a message similar to "Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted". This can be solved by setting "memory_limit=32" in php.ini. Upgrade ======= There currently are two kind of upgrades: 1- From 2.X to 2.X (or from 1.X to 1.X) 2- From 1.X to 2.X Either way, we strongly suggest reading the following article in our Wiki for further information: http://www.fengoffice.com/web/wiki/doku.php/installation:migration Note: Plugins must also be updated (if it corresponds) Open Source Libraries ===================== The following open source libraries and applications have been adapted to work with Feng Office: - ActiveCollab 0.7.1 - http://www.activecollab.com - ExtJs - http://www.extjs.com - jQuery - http://www.jquery.com - jQuery tools - http://flowplayer.org/tools/ - jQuery Collapsible - http://phpepe.com/2011/07/jquery-collapsible-plugin.html - jQuery Scroll To - http://flesler.blogspot.com/2007/10/jqueryscrollto.html - jQuery ModCoder - http://modcoder.com/ - H5F (HTML 5 Forms) - http://thecssninja.com/javascript/H5F - http://flowplayer.org/tools/ - Reece Calendar - http://sourceforge.net/projects/reececalendar - Swift Mailer - http://www.swiftmailer.org - Open Flash Chart - http://teethgrinder.co.uk/open-flash-chart - Slimey - http://slimey.sourceforge.net - FCKEditor - http://www.fckeditor.net - JSSoundKit - http://jssoundkit.sourceforge.net - PEAR - http://pear.php.net - Gelsheet - http://www.gelsheet.org Changelog ========= Since 2.2.2 ---------------- bugfix: Owner company cannot be classified. bugfix: Task list group by user fix. bugfix: Add pdf and docx files to searchable objects. bugfix: js managers bugfixes. bugfix: Cannot edit/delete mails from deleted accounts. bugfix: Error in tasks reports when ordering by 'order' column. bugfix: Fixes in migration from 1.X of custom properties. usability: Reports can be edited to allow execution in every context. usability: Performance improved in tasks list. usability: Users are filtered by permissions in 'People' dimension when filtering by a workspace. usability: Contacts are filtered in 'People' dimension when filtering by a workspace if they belong to the workspace. system: Portuguese language updated. Since 2.2.1 ---------------- bugfix: logged_user fix when classifying attachments bugfix: go back instead of redirect when editing file properties. bugfix: chmod after mkdir when repository file backend creates directory bugfix: Several template instatiation fixes bugfix: mail classification bugfix bugfix: allow to classify mails in workspaces,tags bugfix: administration/users: 10 users per page fix bugfix: do not use objects in estimated-worked widget, use raw data for better performance bugfix: language fixes bugfix: cannot use assigned_to combo when adding tasks in ie bugfix: ie compatibility fix in calendar toolbars bugfix: enable/disable cron events for calendar export/import when adding/deleting accounts bugfix: html tags in task tooltip description at calendar bugfix: cvs export prints html tags bugfix: users with can_manage_security cannot manage groups bugfix: view week calendar views don't show tasks all days if task starts or ends in another week bugfix: dont show timeslots of other users if cannot see assigned to other's tasks bugfix: ext buttons hechos a lo chancho bugfix: patch if not exists function array_fill_keys (para php < 5.2) bugfix: break large words in task description bugfix: administrator cannot log in to admin panel when asking for credentials bugfix: cannot edit file after uploaded from object picker bugfix: getTimeValue when 12:XX AM bugfix: bugfix in custom reports with boolean conditions on custom properties bugfix: admin users paging fix bugfix: migration companies comments fix Since 2.2.1-rc ---------------- bugfix: Cannot manage plugins if no super admin. bugfix: Reports were not grouping unclassified objects. bugfix: Reports grouping misses a group. bugfix: Fixed findById function in ContentDataObjects. bugfix: Fixed Email plugin installation. bugfix: Fixed translations for dimension names. bugfix: Error with company logo when sending notifications. bugfix: Time report fix when selecting custom dates and listing paused timeslots. bugfix: Fix when getting plugin's javascript translations. Since 2.2 ---------------- bugfix: Calendar monthly view bugs with repeating events. bugfix: Permissions system fix. bugfix: Projects appear in object picker. bugfix: language fixes (en_us, es_la, es_es). bugfix: Error in calendar when user has timezone=0. bugfix: Formatted tasks description and notes content does not shows italics and quotes when viewing. bugfix: Compressing files does not create compressed file in the current context. bugfix: Sometimes can subscribe users with no permissions to the object. bugfix: Activity widget bug with general timeslots. bugfix: Error when selecting default workspace in mail account edition. bugfix: User types are not transalted. bugfix: Prevent double generation of tasks when completing a repetitive task instance (double click on complete link). bugfix: CSV export fixes at Total tasks times report. usability: Create events according the filtered user. usability: Config option to show tab icons. usability: Config option to enable/disable milestones. Since 2.2-rc ---------------- bugfix: calendar monthly view performance upgrades. bugfix: translation tool for plugins fixed. bugfix: email html signature puts br tags when composing email. bugfix: Person email modification does not work. bugfix: Prevent double task completion (when double clicking on complete link). bugfix: Fixed company edit link from people tree. Since 2.2-beta ---------------- bugfix: several fixes in custom reports display. bugfix: custom reports csv/pdf export always show status column. bugfix: dashboard activity widget does not control permissions correctly. bugfix: dashboard activity widget shows username instead of person complete name. bugfix: subworkspace creation does not inherit color. bugfix: email autoclassification does not classify attachments. bugfix: email view shows wrong "To" value when "To" field is empty or undefined. bugfix: unclassified mails allows to subscribe other users. bugfix: error when forwarding another user's account emails with attachments. bugfix: several fixes in email classification functions. bugfix: company comments are not displayed. bugfix: dashboard's tasks widget breaks right widgets when scrolling (only in chrome). bugfix: permissions check in Administration/Dimensions. bugfix: css is being printed in csv exported reports. bugfix: error subscribing users when instantiating templates with milestones and subtasks. bugfix: don't use $this in static functions. bugfix: archiving and unarchiving members is not done in a transaction. bugfix: permissions in dimension member selectors. bugfix: cannot set task's due date to 12:30 PM, always sets the same time but AM. bugfix: tasks drag and drop losses some attributes. usability: mouseover highlight on member properties/restrictions tables. Since 2.1 ---------------- bugfix: several fixes in repetitive tasks. bugfix: quick add of tasks does not subscribe creator. bugfix: google calendar import fixed. bugfix: fixed event deletion. bugfix: fixed email account sharing. bugfix: fixed AM/PM issue when selecting task's dates. bugfix: special characters in workspace when adding from quick add. bugfix: error 500 in workspaces dashboard. bugfix: error when searching emails by "From" field in advanced search. bugfix: 1.7 -> 2.x upgrade fixed subtasks. bugfix: permissions in user's card. bugfix: task's drag and drop edition bugfixes. bugfix: task's quick add does not keep the task name when switching to complete edition. bugfix: several LDAP integration fixes. bugfix: fixed contact phones display in list. bugfix: config option descriptions added. bugfix: user email is not required. bugfix: milestone selector does not show all available milestones. bugfix: person email cannot be edited. bugfix: disabled users are shown in subscribers and invited people. bugfix: permission groups upgrade does not set type. bugfix: Javascript problems in IE. bugfix: issues with breadcrumbs with special characters. bugfix: VCard import/export fixed. bugfix: cannot delete workspace with apostrophe. bugfix: fixed "enters" issue in tasks description wysisyg editor. bugfix: File copy makes two copies. bugfix: permissions fixed for submembers. bugfix: when updating a file, does not subscribe the updater user. bugfix: milestones display diferent dates in milestone view and task list. bugfix: "assigned to" filter in tasks does not work properly. bugfix: cannot archive dimension members. bugfix: cannot archive several tasks at once. feature: activity widget. feature: new workspace and tag selectors. feature: add timeslot entries to application_logs. feature: complete parent tasks asks to complete child tasks. usability: sort email panel by "to" column. usability: changes in advanced search for email fields. usability: can change imported calendar names. usability: email with attachments classification process upgraded. usability: linked objects selector can filter by workspace and tags. system: CKEditor updated. system: translation module upgraded - translate plugins files. system: German, Russian and French languages upgraded. Since ---------------- bugfix: Google Calendar issues solved bugfix: 'Executive' users not being able to assign tasks to themseleves at some places bugfix: Admins and Superadmins may now unblock bloqued documents bugfix: Subscriptions and permissions issues solved bugfix: Solved some issues when editing objects bugfix: Solved issue when classifying emails and then accesing them bugfix: Solved issue when adding timeslots bugfix: Assigned to alphabetically ordered bugfix: Solved issue when editing email accounts bugfix: Custom properties were not appearing in weblinks bugfix: Solved issue when sending an email bugfix: Solved issue where Milestones were showing wrong data bugfix: File revisions were not being deleted bugfix: Timeslots were not able to be printed bugfix: Issues when retrieving passwords solved bugfix: Solved issue when deleting timeslots bugfix: Solved some permissions issues bugfix: Solved issue when adding pictures to documents bugfix: Solved issues with paginations bugfix: Solved some compatibility issues with IE bugfix: People profiles can be closed bugfix: Trashed emails not being sent bugfix: Repetitive tasks issues solved bugfix: Solved workspace quick add issue bugfix: Dimension members are now searchable usability: Sent mails synchronization reintroduced usability: Selecting if repetitive events should be repeated on weekends or workdays usability: Templates now take into account custom properties usability: Dimension members filtering improvements usability: New & improved notifications usability: Adavanced search feature usability: Added quick task edition, and improved quick task addition usability: Improvements when linking objects usability: Improvements in task dependencies usability: Warning when uploading different file usability: Google Docs compatibility through weblinks usability: Improved the templates usability usability: Workspace widget introduced usability: Improvement with estimated time in reports usability: Added estimated time information in tasks list usability: Deletion from dimension member edition usability: Archiving dimension members funciton introduced usability: File extension prevention upload usability: WYSIWYG text feature for tasks descriptions and notes usability: View as list/panel feature reintroduced usability: .odt and .fodt files indexing system: Improved upgrade procedure system: Improved the sharing table system: Improved performance when checking emails through IMAP system: Improved performance within tasks list system: Improved performance when accessing 'Users' system: Improved performance with ws colours system: Improved performance when loading permissions and dimensions system: Improvements within the Plugin system system: Major performance improvements at the framework level Since 2.0 RC 1 ---------------- bugfix: Uploading files fom CKEditor. bugfix: Some data was not save creating a company. bugfix: Error produced from documents tab - New Presentation. bugfix: Problems with task dates in some views. bugfix: Fatal error when you post a comment on a task page. bugfix: Generation of task repetitions in new tasks. bugfix: Do not let assign tasks (via drag & drop) to users that doesn't have permissions. usability: Interface localization improvements. system: Performance improvements. Since 2.0 Beta 4 ---------------- bugfix: Extracted files categorization bugfix: When adding workspaces bugfix: Breadcrumbs were not working fine all the time bugfix: Being able to zip/unzip files security: JS Injection Slimey Fix system: .pdf and .docx files contents search system: Improvement when creating a new user system: Plugin update engine system: Plugin manager console mode system: Search in file revisions system: Import/Export contacts available again system: Import/Export events available again system: Google Calendar Sync system: Improvement on repeating events and tasks system: Cache compatibility (i.e.: with APC) usability: Completing a task closes its timeslots usability: Task progress bar working along the timeslots usability: Being able to change permissions in workspaces when editing Since 2.0 Beta 3 ---------------- bugfix: Several changes in the permissions system bugfix: Invalid sql queries fixed bugfix: Issues with archived and trashed objects solved bugfix: Issues with sharing table solved bugfix: Improved IE7 and IE9 compatibility bugfix: Several timeslots issues solved bugfix: IMAP issue solved at Emails module bugfix: Solved issue with templates bugfix: Added missing tooltips at calendar bugfix: Issue when completing repetitive task solved bugfix: Solved some issues with the Search engine bugfix: Solved issue with timezone autodetection buffix: Solved 'dimension dnx' error creating a workspace usability: Permission control in member forms usability: Disabling a user feature usability: Resfresh overview panel after quick add usability: Langs update/improvement usability: Drag & Drop feature added usability: Quick add task added, and improved usability: Slight improvement with notifications usability: Avoid double click at Search button (which caused performance issues) usability: Permissions by group feature added usability: Simple billing feature added system: Security Fixes system: Mail compatibility improved for different email clients system: Feng 2 API updated system: General code cleanup system: Widget Engine system: Performance improvements in custom reports system: Print calendar system: Custom Properties Since 2.0 Beta 2 ---------------- bugfix: Fixed problem uncompressing files bugfix: Loading indicator hidden bugfix: Search in mail contents bugfix: Mail reply js error bugfix: Filter members associated with deleted objects bugfix: Fixed permission error creating a contact usability: Contact View Improvements usability: Navigation Improvements system: Permission system fixes system: Performance issues solved. Using permission cache 'sharing table' for listing system: Weblinks module migrated Since 2.0 Beta 1 ---------------- bugfix: Fixed problem with context trees when editing content objects bugfix: Fixed template listing bugfix: Fixed issues when instantiating templates with milestones bugfix: Fixed issue deleting users from 'people' and 'users' dimension. bugfix: Fixed 'core_dimensions' installer bugfix: Z-Index fixed in object-picker and header usability: Selected rows style in object picker system: General code cleanup Since 1.7 ----------- system: Plugin Support system: Search Engine performance improved system: Multiple Dimensions - 'Workspaces' and 'Tags' generalization system: Database and Models structure changes - Each Content object identified by unique id system: Email removed from core (Available as a plugin) system: User Profile System feature: PDF Quick View - View uploaded PDF's usability: Default Theme improved usability: Customizable User Interface
Source: README_Release_Notes_2.2.3.1-beta.txt, updated 2013-02-04

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