OpenEMR is an open source medical practice management application (EHR EMR PMS) featuring fully integrated electronic health records, scheduling, electronic billing, internationalization, free support, a vibrant community, and a whole lot more.


  • Free
  • ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR Certified
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Billing
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Patient Portal
  • Reports
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Security
  • Free Support
  • Vibrant Community

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  • Giving error while setup in step 3rd(in local server). OpenEMR Setup Step 3 Configuring OpenEMR... Connecting to MySQL Server... OK. Creating database... OK. Creating user with permissions for database... OK. Reconnecting as new user... OK. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\openemr\library\classes\Installer.class.php on line 488 plz find this error. how to rectify it.

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  • There are plenty of reasons to opt for this application: 1. It is free (as in free speech) and open source software; this means the user is not tied down to a specific, exclusive vendor who can impose a chokehold on him/her - also, the user can (hire someone to) tailor the application to his/her specific needs and requirements. 2. It is a complete, fully integrated EMR and practice management application. 3. It is fully scalable. It can serve every kind of health service provider: from a doctor's personal practice to a chain of hospitals and clinics. 4. It is under constant, active development, with very frequent bugfixes, upgrades, enhancements and improvements being incorporated on a daily basis. 5. It is cross-platform. Of course, this is clearly a large application, which is at its best if it is set up by a skilled system administrator; it is not for complete novices. Then again, neither are large-scale applications like OpenERP, SAP etc.

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