Backup and restore your website in a few clicks. Create a completely new, pre-built open source website in seconds. Easy and attractive user interface. Specifically designed for those with no website experience or prior knowledge.

With just a few clicks, anyone can create a new website without using a command line or unzipping an archive. Popular engines like Wordpress install automatically in seconds. Editing is similar to composing an email, and can be done through the browser. Most importantly, because it is based on open source components, you will truly own and control your own website, rather than renting a proprietary service from an ISP.

OpenDynamo is a single PHP script with no external requirements apart from common PHP libraries.


  • Deploy a new website you can own and control
  • Downloads and installs the open source website engine of your choice
  • Intuitive main menu provides access to common management functions
  • Create and restore backup images of your whole website in seconds
  • Delete all existing website data in seconds to prepare for a new one
  • Install file and database management tools
  • Single PHP file with user-friendly Windows demo and script installer

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  • I give it a 2 for potential but that is all it is a project that runs on a Linux server yet you need Windows to run a launcher. lol that is silly.

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End Users/Desktop

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Web-based, Win32 (MS Windows)

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PHP, Visual Basic .NET