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This is OpenCV 2.0, the source package for Linux, MacOSX and every other Unix-like OS. The major features: =================== * the brand-new C++ interface, in addition to the existing OpenCV 1.x C API. * a lot of new functionality, especially in the area of feature detectors and descriptors * SSE2 optimization of many functions * the revised directory structure and the completely new CMake-based build system * completely new documentation, available offline as PDF (included) and online: and a lot more; please, see the ChangeLog. The installation procedure at glance: ===================================== 1. tar -xjf OpenCV-2.0.0.tar.bz2 2. mkdir 3. cd 4a. cmake [<extra_options>] ../OpenCV-2.0.0 # CMake-way or 4b. ../OpenCV-2.0.0/configure [<extra_options>] # configure-way 5. make -j 2 6. sudo make install 7. sudo ldconfig # linux only For the list of prerequisities and more detailed installation guide, please, see Known issues: ============= - Some (actually, quite many) of SWIG-based Python bindings do not work. The problem is being investigated - Some correctness tests occasionally fail; in 99% of cases those are known problems in the tests. - Some tests in cvtest and mltest require test data (otherwise the respective tests will fail, which is normal), that is not included into the package to save space. The data can be retrieved from Then run cvtest as ./cvtest -d <the_path_to_opencv_extra>/testdata/cv and mltest as ./mltest -d <the_path_to_opencv_extra>/testdata/ml - The reference manual does not include description of most of the new functionality from cvaux. As soon as the documentation will be updated, it will be uploaded to Stay tuned!
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