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Version 1.0.4 ------------- - Fix bug where travelbugs were not appearing on the description pane - Fix bug where name/distance filter not clearing properly on applying a quick filter - Fix bug where creating a new database would popup "Database not found" error - Fix bug where setup wizard wouldn't start on new install - Fix bug where OCM crashed when importing GPX/ZIP when started from command line - Fix bug where OCM didn't refresh caches after importing and viewing field notes - Switch to PNGs from SVGs for splash screen - Fix missing translations - Fix issues where finds were not showing up - Load map after main window appears - Add support for Magellan Explorist Series Version 1.0.3 ------------- - Fix bug where OCM would crash on downloading images from - Change file download progress to report in bytes instead of kilobytes - Add Grab Images to main menu and cache context menu - Fix bug where distance filters were always using metric units - Fix bug where advanced distance filter ignored decimal values - Fix crash on missing DB - Some initial groundwork for plugins - Add new preference (and option under View menu) to disable map info bubble popups - Swedish translations were missing from 1.0 - Fix some performance issues with the Version 1.0.2 ------------ - Add fullscreen option - Fix a number of bugs where field notes would cause a crash - Add improved error message dialog - Improve Field Notes import performance - Fix graphical glitches - Add Import Quick Filter to Combination Filter - Fix bug where combination filter gave wrong results - Improve Send to GPS performance - Fix bug autoname GPX file for Delorme PN-60 - Fix bug where distance column was showing "km", even if using U.S. units. - Add preference for CacheStore trace log. If enabled, a log called "ocm.log" will appear in the data directory - Rework map min/max/resize buttons - Change name/distance entries to use "Enter" key to complete instead of a timer Version 1.0.1 ------------- - Major rework of existing OCM functionality to improve performance Version 0.23.13 --------------- - Add difficuly/terrain markers to the map, can turn off in preferences - Add support for up to four user accounts - Add progress dialog for field notes scan from device - Fix crash if images folder contained files other than images - View button on images tab only enabled when image selected - Add refresh button to images tab - Major improvements to View Field Notes dialog. You can now see the cache description, a map, and other cache logs without having to click "View Cache" to go back to the main window. - Fix bug where log limits on POI export were being ignored. Version 0.23.12 --------------- - Fix crash on Export POI - Fix crash on Grab Images in certain cases Version 0.23.11 --------------- - Fix bug with gconf and Mandriva - Fix bug where OCM crashed when opening a ZIP file that had spaces in it's name - Improve waymark parsing - Add new images pane for associating images with caches - Add grab images feature - Make sure attributes are exported in format when exporting a GPX file - OCM can now import GCTour GPX files - Fix bug where waymarks weren't showing up on Garmin Colorado/Oregon (requires reimport of GPX) - Fix bug where limit log entry wasn't being set properly for Delorme - Fix typo in source type filter, and make it an opt-in instead of an opt-out filter - Add Use Plain Text option for POI export for Oregon/Colorado/Dakota/Map62 - Add log limit option for POI export - Fix units problem with Proximity alerts and POI - Fix proximity units issue with non english locales - Fix bug where DNF icon was still showing in the cachelist even if "show DNF icon" was disabled in preferences - Fix bug where temporary directories created during directory import weren't being deleted Version 0.23.10 --------------- - Add suport for waymarks as virtual caches - Add new filter by cache source - Add Garmin POI file export - Fix bug with earthcaches caused by change with - Fix bug where basic filters were disabled if no startup filter was set Version 0.23.9 -------------- - Fix crash on add location Version 0.23.8 -------------- - Add "Add child waypoint" and "Corrected Coordinates" to cache list context menu - Add external tools using the %selected% syntax to the cache list context menu - Fix import issue with new LOC file format - Fix import issue with style GPX files - Fix crash when sorting waypoints in certain conditions - Add "View Cache" button to Field Notes viewer Version 0.23.7 -------------- - Add Last Found by Anyone filter - Change last found to "unknown" if last found log in OCM database - Fixed a few performance bugs Version 0.23.6 -------------- - Add locations feature to OCM. You can now add new locations via the Locations menu or by right clicking on the map - Map Features: You can now set corrected coordinates or add a new Waypoint by right clicking on the map. - Add autoclose feature for importing and exporting GPX/Zip. - You can now set how OCM displays the "solved" icon in preferences, the default is now just puzzle caches with corrected coordinates/final locations - Fix minor graphical glitch if cache has no attributes - Can now choose "Selected cache" or "Entire database" when copying/moving caches between databases - Add direct entry mode for coordinates, similar to QLandkarte GT. Default can be set in preferences N.B. In direct entry mode English must be used (i.e. N/S/E/W) -- At the moment, only decimal degree and degree minute format is supported - Add GPS profiles support. Users upgrading from previous versions of OCM will have their settings moved to the "Default" profile. You can rename this profile from the GPS menu. - OCM can now process Corrected Coordinates, First To Find, DNF's, and custom user data fields from GSAK (in GSAK, when exporting check the box that says "Include GSAK Extra Fields in Export") - On the Advanced filters dialog, bold tab names that have non-default values - GUI reorganization to align more with gnome usability guidelines - Add support for DNF, FTF, and up to four user supplied data fields - OCM now maintains cache logs beween imports - Add Field Notes support - Show disabled/archived caches on map as grayed out/reddish - Can now add corrected coordinates and child waypoints via the map - Add Combination Filters - Add Custom map support - Add new advanced filters for DNF, FTF, distance, status, userdata, found by, and updated within - Add new preference for DNF icon behaviour - Add new preference for automatically select on map when clicked - Can now assign caches to a bookmark list on import - Update Setup assistant to set default directory on initial OCM setup - Export full cache details to QLandkarte GT to take advantage of new Geocaching features in QLGT 1.1 - Fix bug with ZIP file associations not opening properly in OCM Version 0.22.9 -------------- - Fix "Does not have corrected coordinates" filter bugs - Fix a number of map refresh issues that caused OCM to crash - Fix issue where trying to overwrite an existing DB caused OCM to crash - Fix bug where GPS waypoint symbols could not be changed - Fix bug where attributes were not being copied/moved to another database when copying/moving caches - Add "Add Child Waypoint" and Ctrl+W to add a child waypoint to the current cache without needing to be on the waypoints tab - Add Ctrl+R shortcut for Corrected Coordinates - Add Ctrl+P shortcut for Printing - Add Ctrl+Alt+I shortcut for Import Directory - Major performance improvements - Show solved puzzle icon if cache has final location waypoint or corrected coordinates - Remove "placed by me" from advanced filters as it's a duplicate - Add minimize/maximize buttons to the map pane - Complete attribute filters and icons - Kludge around invalid date format in attribute log - Map icons now show cache name as a tooltip - Fix GUI update issues - Move map scale to bottom Version 0.22.8 -------------- - Add option to show all child waypoints (not just selected cache). You can set it permanently in the preferences dialog, or change it just for the session from the Map menu - Fix bug where some preferences (such as changing user name) only takes effect after a restart of OCM. - Fix bug where marking cache as found/unfound made nearby caches on the map dissapear - Allow user to set number of caches on map in the preferences dialog - Allow user to set default directory for databases in the preferences dialog - Allow user to set default directory for import in the preferences dialog - Move database tools to main menu bar - Add import directory feature - Fix bug where opening/creating another database while having a bookmark list applied required a restart of OCM - Fix bug on Mandriva where OCM could not be started again after quitting - Fix bug where window title for "Delete QuickFilter" dialog was wrong - Add new %selected% keyword for external tools that allows you to send just the selected cache to another program as a GPX file. - Add link to new statistics page on under Web-> - Include xml processing directive in exported GPX files - For caches with corrected coordinates, export original coordinate as a waypoint - Show progress dialog when deleting multiple caches - Modify GPX export dialog to allow user to control export options - Fix bug where progress dialog would show if export was cancelled before choosing file - Associate ZIP files with OCM - Implement attribute filters for winter friendly, chirp, recommended at night, and maintenance required. Further improvements to include more attributes and better performance will be coming. - Add in first set of Spanish translations Version 0.22.7 -------------- - Fixed bug where original coordinates were being overwritten if cache renamed - Display caches on GPSr with a (*) to indicate coorected coordinates - Add option to include attributes in cache description on paperless GPSrs Version 0.22.6 -------------- - Fixed bugs where placed by and found caches were not being set correctly for - Fixed issue with cache notes being sent to the device and without whitespace between the notes and the description - Updated Dutch translations - Fixed issue where external tools and View in QLandkarte GT not working with Ubuntu 10.10 - Fixed bug with "advanced filters applied" notification still showing when advanced filters were cleared Version 0.22 ------------ - Delorme GPX support for PN-60/PN-40v2.8+ - Can now choose date when marking caches as found - Add Corrected Coordinate support. You can now specify GSAK-like corrected coordinates for a cache that will not be replaced on a GPX import. These caches will appear in italicized text in the cache list. - Add filters for has corrected/does not have corrected coordinates - Improve delete performance when deleting multiple caches - Add support for format. For opencaching users from .us,.se,.pl sites, use GPX GC. - Fix bug where waypoint symbol overrides were being ignored. Also disable waypoint symbol overrides for Delorme units, as Delorme units have a specific symbol set for Geocaching child waypoints. - Set description and cmt fields to be the same for Orgeon units. - Add indication that advanced filters are applied to main cache pane - Fix crash on selecting original coordinate waypoint when using corrected coords - Add ability to import ZIP files - Fix GPSBabel bug with Ubuntu 10.10 Version 0.21 ------------ - Add Support for Garmin Edge - Add Printing support - Display cache attributes for GPX 1.0.1 - Fix text formatting of plaintext caches - Send caches to Garmin GPX devices like Colorado/Oregon as plaintext. This reduces a number of issues with GPX and Garmin such as non-english characters and problems with the GPX being too large - Keep track of log ids for future use - QuickInfo pane is now scrollable which allows the map to be resized without making information inaccessible - Fix cache count statistics were'nt being updated on mark found/unfound Version 0.20 ------------ - Add Support for DeLorme USB (PN-20/PN-30,PN-40) - Add external tools support. You can now configure OCM to run external programs such as Viking, and have OCM pass a GPX file to that target program - Add Finds export, which exports the finds from the OCM database in a style "My Finds" format, which can be used with programs like GCStatistic ( - Fix compile error on Ubuntu Jaunty - Fix bug where cache list ended up being duplicated if another filter was set while the filter results were still being processed from a previous filter - Fix map centering bug on startup in non-english locales - Add found on/before/after filter - Add cache notes filter - Add child waypoint filters - Add "No Map" mode to cache map for offline use - Right-clicking on the map now provides a context menu - Fix timing issue with right-click menu on cache list where mark options were not being populated correctly. Version 0.19.1 -------------- - Fix null pointer error on send to GPS when a cache has child waypoints Version 0.19 ------------ - Add Support for eTrex H/Legend. The Short Code name option removes the "GC" prefix on cache codes to fit better within the 6 character limit. - Performance improvements - Add Mark Found without logging - Show progress when loading large databases - Grab Waypoints: On the waypoint tab you can now click Grab Waypoints. OCM will scan the cache description and try to extract any waypoint pairs it finds. You can have OCM add the waypoints automatically, or review the matches and set the correct waypoint time and a better description - Fix bug that prevented cancelling transfer waypoints to GPS - Fix bug that allowed a user to run OCM without a database, causing a crash - Improve centering of map on startup - Underline caches that have user notes in the cache lists - Associate .ocm DB files with OCM - New Database Tools section: You can now copy/move waypoints to another OCM database. You can also compact your existing database - Fix "You own this cache" message missing if you use username instead of account ID - Fix found caches being sent to GPS as unfound - Add Danish Tranlation thanks to Thor Dekov Buur - OCM Desktop catagory changes from "Network" to "GTK;Geography". This means in Gnome OCM appears under Applications->Other Version 0.18.1 -------------- - Fix crash on splash screen on Ubuntu 10.04 - Merge latest dutch translation - Grey out "View Selected Cache in QLandkarte" if no cache selected Version 0.18 ------------ - Implement quick filters. There are now four predefined quick filters: All, Todo, Done, Mine. You may also save any currently filtered view as a quickfilter from the Filter Menu - If you have QLandkarte GT installed (see you can now send your caches and waypoints directly via the Tools menu - Improved auto-naming of child waypoints, you can choose the style of generated names via the Preferences dialog - Help menu now has a link to the OCM wiki - Modified GPX export to prevent orphaned waypoints on reimport into OCM - Fixed hard-coded and missing paths in the ocm-gtk and OCM.desktop files - Map bubbles now show more information, and indicate archived/disabled/dnf'd caches - Include OCM icons for the GUI so that OCM looks correct in non-Gnome desktop environments like KDE - Revamped the setup assistant - Fix bookmarks menu bug that allowed you to add a cache to a bookmark list that it already belongs to - You can now use your geocaching username instead of your account id Version 0.17 ------------ - Highlight caches with DNF or maintenance required in orange (on GPX import) - Caches with child waypoints displayed in bold - GPSD support. If you have a GPS device that gpsd supports, you can set OCM to continuously refresh cache distances and the map position from the GPS coordinates - Child Waypoint list is now sortable and displays the icon type - You can now delete all visible caches from the cache menu instead of deleting them one-by-one - OCM now remembers the last window size and pane layout - Show Nearby Caches is now a preference, and is on by default - Add OCM, GPSBabel, and GPSD home pages to the web menu - Add Deselect cache to the cache menu - OCM will now show the last log date by you in the quick start menu (any type of log) - OCM will now show your cache find date in the "You have already found this cache" status message - There is now a log export limit of 5 (configurable) for GPX based garmin devices - You can now override the waypoint symbols OCM uses when sending to the device from the GPS Configuration menu - For eTrex/Map60 units, you can now have waypoint names as either the cache code or the actual cache name - For eTrex/Map60 units, you can now have the waypoint description as the cache name, cache code/size/hint, or cache code/size/type. - Improved icon set for maps - Fixed bug where OCM crashes if a DBUS session bus is not running - Map now shows a scale line Version 0.16 ------------ - Add Bookmark lists, a new feature to organize your caches. You can create any number of named bookmark lists and add any cache to it. Caches can be in multiple lists. To go back to the main list, choose Bookmarks->Bookmark List->None - Reorganized the various links to,, and under the Web menu - Cache Notes support. You can now add user notes to a cache on the notes tab. These notes will appear on the cache description page on a GPS that supports paperless caching - OCM now sets the icons on your GPS to match the icons on it's own map for child waypoints - OCM now remembers where the map was centered on restart - OpenLayers which is used by OCM for the map display, is now directly included to improve map loading speed - Coordinates use the "." character always, regardless of language or locale to make it easier to copy-paste from the web - Fixed bug where OCM would crash on startup if you moved or deleted your last database - You can now filter on country and state/province - You can now manually add or modify cache details from the Cache menu - You can now manually mark a cache as unavailable/archived/available - Terracaches that contain the word "Unavailable" in the title will be automatically marked as unavailable - OCM now has a Dutch translation by Harrie Klomp Version 0.15 ------------- IMPORTANT: READ UPGRADE NOTE FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS, see - Support for GPX files - Globalization support for non english locales - Support for LOC files - Support for Navicache LOC files (preferred for Navicache users) - Support for Navicache GPX files - Users can now filter on both placed by and updated dates, Filter->Additional Filters->Dates - U.S. Units now supported, go to Edit->Preferences to change to miles - Improvements to progress dialogs - Default map provider can now be chosen in Edit->Preferences - New and menus for quick access - Fix problem with exported GPXs not being openable in QLandKarte GT Version 0.14 --------------- - Add integration with GPS Babel for full GPS support. This requires GPS Babel to be installed - Implement GPS menu - Fixed bug where some coordinates has a small error - Recently opened GPX/Databases now show up in the recent file list - Preliminary support for registering GPX and OCM files. You will need to call update-mime-database /usr/local/share/mime to complete the registration - Add "Available" option to the quick filter list - Fix issue where OCM would crash on opening a GPX on startup - Grey out the cache info area if no cache selected - Update icon set after discussion with GroundSpeak - Clicking on links in the description pane now opens them in a seperate window - Add Preferences dialogs to alter settings after initial setup - Fixup menu items names, add keyboard shortcuts - Fix right-click and delete in cache list - Move Reset Center to Home to the Map menu - Refresh single cache on log found/mark unfound to improve performance Version 0.13 --------------- - Major changes to map: - Replace Yahoo maps with Google maps - Add popup bubbles to display geocache/waypoint info when clicked - Introduce new "Map" menu - Add new "show nearby caches" feature to map, which displays the 50 nearest caches (that match current filter criteria) on the map. Users can use the info bubble of the nearby cache to select it - Add ability to pan to currently selected cache or predefined home point from map menu - Only enable hint area if it has content - Reduce font size of description and log areas - Fix description area so that background images don't make text unreadable - When filters change, keep currently selected cache visible in cache list pane - Replace seperate map area status bar with a progress bar on the main status bar - Adjust icon sizes - Add parking, trailhead, and final icons Version 0.12 - Fix issue with Lost and Found Event caches - Fix slow performance on GPX import - Add support to delete caches from database - Add splash screen - Add ability to filter on cache type, container, difficulty, terrain, and placed by via "Additonal Filters" in View menu - Fix database update issue causing missing updates - Fix lost actions while Map loading - Fix cancelling import - Fix cancelling export - Improve import/export dialogs - Fix wrong icon for event caches on map - Center map on home coordinates on startup - Fix display bug with cache names that start with a number and are archived - Rerrange hint and travelbug display, hints now wordwrap Version 0.11 - Delay on filtering when typing - Add Yahoo Maps (street, sattelite, and hybrid maps) support - Fix crash on opening read-only GPX - Fix status label in cache info pane so that it only takes up one line - Add licence file - Update icons to be easier to see
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