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  • Rexx, in all its forms, is simply the most usable and flexible language (interpreter) that I have ever used.

  • ooRexx is a good language for people who have used REXX on other platforms. It brings the same and more functionality to the Windows and Linux platforms we're used to from zVM and zOS.

  • Oorexx works perfect.

  • Very good Software.

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  • Nice, thank you

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Very Thank you. It works fine. It is a great help for me.

  • The ooRexx team rocks because they have managed to maintain Object Oriented and Procedure Oriented code styles working neatly for ages. Also, I had a main storage issue where loading a Language Dictionary blew on storage fixed. I upgraded to a Windows 7 64 bit and now I am able to get my whole dictionary loaded into an ooRexx workspace. Their Rexx software really works as documented and then some.

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  • Good and useful software

  • ooRexx supports both the "classic" style of rexx programming using Procedures, function calls, etc and the newer Object Oriented style with classes, methods, et all... What might not be so obvious is that both styles can be in the SAME program, making it easier to transist to Object Orientation. Overall, this is an excellent, well designed, and well maintained system allow programs to be written for Windows, Linux, MacOS, AIX and a number of other operating systems. Many other functions are also provided such as FTP, TCP/IP Socket Handling, Window Dialogs, expanded Time and Date handling, and an Apache interface. Excellent documentation is available, and it just keeps getting better!!!

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  • Good work, highly recommended

  • Best available!

  • Overall, it works great and its FREE!

  • Very good project. Try the beta for Windows, its freaking fast.

  • Good work:) Thanks

  • This is the best utility I have ever used... Congratulations...

  • Good job, many thanks for giving out

  • Great tool. Like it.

  • It's fast, reliable and easy to use. I recommend this program strongly!

  • So useful when you have no administrative rights and when you use several computers !

  • It really helps me at my work and at home.

  • Very good program. Thanks a lot.

  • a very fast speed.

  • Two words: LIGHTNING FAST!

  • great application

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