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### 2011-08-17 ### Release version: Bug fixes: .AfpFile: Memory leak fixed in read() method + end of file not detected + performance improvements, search() improved, hasMoreRecords() deprecated, demo updated. .All: source/ directory renamed to src/ ### 2011-07-21 ### Release version: Changes: .All: All newline characters have been converted to the Unix format. First version of the Reference Guide. .Afp: afpRecord.isValid() and afpFile.write() added to their corresponding classes. afpFile.getRecord() renamed to interface changed to* data). .ByteArray: byteArray.indexOf() and byteArray.write() methods added to the class. .Date: date.before(), date.after() and date.isValid() methods added to the class. assert() calls commented out to work only when NDEBUG is not defined. .DateFormat: parse() and format() improved. [fix]: parse() was setting a valid date by default even if the date being parsed was invalid. .File: isOpen() and getSize() methods added to the class and all of its subclasses. .Out: class added to Std package, only println() method has been implemented. .String: replace() method implemented for accepting a replacement string which length is different than the substring to find. String: toDouble() and valueOfDouble() methods added to the class. Demo updated. ### 2011-04-26 ### Release version: Changes: .Methods inherited from file class implemented on its subclasses (AfpFile, InputFile, OutputFile, ConfigFile) .Comments translated to english (not finished yet) .Indenting and general format changes .ByteArray: method compareTo() added .Date: most commonly used date output formats added as methods toYYMMDD()/toMMDDYY and so on. .String: fix on trim() that was throwing an abort on strings containing only spaces. .General performance improvements .makefile for AIX .Builds for AIX and Cygwin (tested only on winXP) under the following paths: lib/libCFramework- and lib/libCFramework-
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