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  • Does its job really good, hope it is still under active maintenance (developement)

  • The One-Jar approach is fairly easy to implement and makes it very easy to distribute applications to users.

  • One-jar works wonderful.

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  • Thanks for good program!

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  • Thanks for One-jar, it's excellent!

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  • Amazing project, which ease our life quite a lot.

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  • Great app

  • one-jar works nicely

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • good job

  • A nice idea and just in time too!. A must for all of my new projects.

  • One-Jar helped my group to deliver our application for the end client in a neat one jar file. Zero client installation. you just drop this jar into any directory, double click from windows and it starts up! That is exactly what we wanted! One-Jar technical support was excellent. We were able to resolve all our issues in a matter of hours!!! I highly recommend this product!

  • I tried several similar jar distribution packages, and they are all very painful to use. one-jar was easy to set up, and when I ran into a problem - mind you, not a problem with one-jar, but a problem with my own lack of knowledge about java - the author replied with a very helpful email. Cheers!

  • Of course I recommend it: I wrote it. Please, if you give it a thumbs down, at least have the courtesy to say why, so that I can address the issues. Spring/Guice/JDBC/Log4j all supported now. One-JAR 0.97 is a major release, and should help with usability for developers. One-JAR 0.97 will shortly be inside the one-jar-maven plugin, again ease-of-use for Maven2 users.

  • Using extensively. Somewhat tricky at times to get the manifest, etc. set up correctly, but works as advertised. Makes builds go faster than previous technique (unjarring and rejarring dependencies).