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  • Great software for professional translators and students. OmegaT is intuitive in many aspects. Also, it is very simple to set-up a project. OmegaT's community is the most engaging I have ever seen and NO inquire I made has ever gone unanswered.

  • good

  • Free CAT - excellent experience

  • Great job.

  • Great update.

  • I'd say OmegaT is the best CAT tool I've ever used. Yes, Trados is packed with features but even the basic operations are just too clumsy. OmegaT is very simple and straight forward. Editing the glossary (or making one from Excel) can't get any easier. With Trados it takes complex steps using different applications, loading data into containers... etc.. too clumsy. I have wasted too much time trying to get Trados to work properly. It gives you errors everytime you try to generate an output file. Hours and hours of precious time wasted looking for workarounds. With OmegaT, I can get things DONE very quickly, period. I highly recommend OmegaT to freelance translators who want to start getting productive.

  • The best CAT tool I used.

  • Best free CAT tool for Linux ever, thanks to anyone contributing to this project

  • OmegaT is my favourite CAT Tool. What to say: It fit all my needs and expectations. Great work and well worth to work with. I can only highly recommend it.

  • Thanks for the updates regarding the colours. Much appreciated!

  • Stable work. Good product.

  • Amazing project, thanks for giving out

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Great project! I am hoping to help out on the project in any way possible. It's also an interesting way to know where translation related software is going. very interesting! KEEP things going!

  • Great software, with very nice features.

  • OmegaT is a very useful tool for translators, well worth getting used to.

  • A great tool! Thank you guys for your work!

  • Great software, thank you.

  • Amazing job. Thanks all You Rock!

  • works nicely

  • great project!

  • Great project, thanks!

  • The best for free!

  • great tool

  • Great tool, I use it everywhere and recommend and install for everyone I know.

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