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Indexed Files Activities Extension Pack ======================================= This Extension Pack adds file indexing functionality to existing deployments of OGSA-DAI 3.1. This functionality will be incorporated into the next release of OGSA-DAI but it is released here so that it may be used with OGSA-DAI 3.1. The pack adds four activities that use Apache Lucene ( to provide indexing and search capabilities to OGSA-DAI 3.1. The four activities are: o CreateAnalyzer - instantiates a Lucene Analyzer Object (removes funny characters and converts input to lower case). o CreateMapper - instantiates an OGSA-DAI mapper which provides the indexing algorithm for a specific type of file. o CreateFileIndex - applies an indexing mechanism to a file. o LookupIndexFile - performs a query over an index using the Apache Lucene full-text search engine. Documentation is included in the extension pack.
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