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OGMRip ====== OGMRip is an application and a set of libraries for ripping and encoding DVD into AVI/OGM files. OGMRip: * transcodes from DVD or files * outputs ogm, avi, matroska or mp4 files * supports a lot of codecs (vorbis, mp3, pcm, ac3, dts, aac, xvid, lavc, x264, theora) * determines video bitrate for a given filesize * autodetects cropping parameters and scaling factors * supports multiple audio and subtitles streams encoding * extracts subtitles in srt or vobsub format * uses maximum quality codec switches * rips contiguous chapters * supports external audio and subtitles files * provides customisable encoding profiles * is extensible through plugins * features a HIG-compliant GNOME 2 user interface Requirements ------------ glib >= 2.16.0: dvdread >= 0.9.4: mplayer >= 0.92: mencoder >= 0.92: intltool >= 0.35: pkgconfig >= 0.12: libxml2 >= 2.0: enca >= 1.9: Optional -------- For the GUI: gtk+ >= 2.12.0: gconf >= 2.6.0: libglade >= 2.5.0: For DBus support: dbus-glib >= 0.7.2: For notification support: libnotify >= 0.4.3: For Ogg Media support: ogmtools >= 1.0: For matroska support: mkvtoolnix >= 0.9.5: For mp4 support: gpac >= 0.4.2: For x264 suport: mplayer must be built with x264 support For theora support: libtheora >= 1.0alpha5: For dts support: mplayer must be built with dts support For mp3 support: lame >= 3.96: For aac support: faac >= 1.24: For Ogg Vorbis support: vorbistools >= 1.0: For srt support: gocr >= 0.39: or ocrad >= 0.15: or tesseract >= 2.0: libtiff: For subtitles spell checking: enchant >= 1.1: For the documentation: gtk-doc >= 1.0: xsltproc : Install ------- See the INSTALL file. Usage ----- $ ogmrip Notes ----- For FreeBSD users, libbacon relies on the Common Access Method user library. If you have an ATAPI drive, you've got to install the CAM XPT module (atapicam) otherwise your drive will never be detected. See License ------- OGMRip is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. See the COPYING file for more information. Thanks ------ Arpi and the mplayer team for such a great piece of software. Moritz Bunkus for ogmtools and mktoolnix. Do you plan to add support for theora ? Mike Cheng and Mark Taylor for the best mp3 encoder ever. Chris Phillips for lsdvd from which I have learned libdvdread's API. Ross Burton, sound juicer was an inspiration for both the gui and the code. Bastien Nocera for his bacon-cd-selection The Xiph Foundation for vorbis and theora.
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