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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ OGL Explorer ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Run Notice : 1) Install Java - Version <= 1.0.13 require a JRE/JDK>=1.6.0_21 because of a JDK bug on the JFileChooser. - Version >= 1.1.14 require a JRE/JDK>=1.7.0 2) Run the application * Version except 1.0.5, 1.0.6, 1.0.7 - Command line : java -Xmx128m -jar org.leo.oglexplorer.jar - or double click on the jar * Versions 1.0.5, 1.0.6, 1.0.7 : use the launcher in the patch dir Development version (on SVN 1.1.15 beta * Use of stemmer for French and English in the autocomplete search (extend the indexed proposed values to half of the autocomplete search) * Autocomplete : the indexed suggested values are sorted by searches number * "Did you mean" mechanism implementation for English and French languages * Add a splash screen. The first start of the application take about 20 seconds to create the "Did you mean" index. * Fix : the purge of duplicated/deleted entries was not properly done in the AbstractIndex * Fix : the news created bookmarks where not save when automatically restarting the application (when changing interface language) Release Notes : 1.1.14 beta * Implement a bookmarks system * Move the code to Java7 * Add Japanese autocomplete indexing * Fix : autocomplete component does not hide when clicking outside of the popup or when pressing escape key * Fix : Autocomplete conflicts with Japanese keyboard * Fix a NPE when closing the application * Ensure Thread safety on the IndexWriter of the AbstractIndex 1.0.13 Beta * Implement autocomplete. The values suggested are given by the previous search values indexed with Lucene, and by a Wikipedia search (which is the most pertinent autocomplete terms provider that I have thought so far). The autocomplete values given by Wikipedia depends on the language defined by the user for the search engine * Create an abstract Index Layer implemented by the local search engine and by the autocomplete * Use Liquid Look And Feel instead of Nimbus (which has a bug on JMenuItem) * Performance enhancement : On SearchResult, replace the dispose mechanism of old search results by the use of SoftReference. * The show hidden nodes action is moved from the North panel to each node of the Tree * Correct a bug on the clear of the Search Index which crashed the indexer. * Correct a bug : the tooltip which were light weight were not visible over the GLCanvas * Refactor/Remove useless code * Reorder search engine in the Tree 1.0.12 Beta * Add Wordpress search feature. The Wordpress API is not very stable, so the results are not always available. * Improve local search engine powered by the Lucene indexer * Fix a bug in iTunes search results, when thumbnail is not available * Does not allow multiple instances to run (if not raise some trouble with Lucene index) * Dialog displayed when the application is closing (which now take some time due to Lucene index purge/optimization) * Code refactoring and simplification 1.0.11 Beta * Add Wiktionary search feature * Add the auto restart of the application when changing user interface language 1.0.10 Beta * Add iTunes search feature * Allow hiding nodes in the tree, this param is save in the conf file so that it is reloaded when relaunching the application. * Allow to restore all node visibility * Add a random image and a message when the search return no results * Fix various bug on pagination and navigation. Delete, factorize and simplify code 1.0.9 Beta * Add Myspace search feature for images, videos and people * Fix bug : when changing search engine quickly before search is completed, the old search results interfered with the new one. 1.0.8 Beta * Add flickr search feature * Fix a bug when loading jogl (regression). * Fix a bug that when canceling the search, the descriptor panel remains disabled 1.0.7 Beta * Add Bing news search feature * Fix a bug on the cancel of the search * Fix a bug on browsing the last page * Sturdiness with void result * Don't use debug in the OGLPanel and reduce fps to decrease CPU usage. 1.0.6 Beta * Add wikipedia search feature managed with Gson * Add French and Japanese interface language * Add result language parameter used during search (choice between English, French and Japanese) * Add full support of UTF-8 contents (URL, text displayed, and URL open into the browser) * Fix a bug : when change search engine, busy mode not activated * Preload n-1 image when browsing in previous, to minimize loading and displaying time * Add the license dialog * Add tooltips on tree and buttons 1.0.5 Beta * Redesign the ergonomy of selection of search engine and search type. Replace the archaic 2 JComboBox by a friendly JTree * Add Google books feature. * API keys used are these of the users and no longer mine. The ConfigDialog allow the configuration of these keys. * Busy events are managed by the SearchListener mechanism. * Performance enhancement. In the SearchResult, replace the default ThreadPoolExecutor by a parameterized one, with 10 threads and a keep-alive of 1 second. This allow a dramatic improve of performances when scrolling results. * Doesn't copy dll in the local folder if already there (which reduce the starting time of the application). * Fix a bug of display with Twitter user's thumbnail that sometimes was bigger than 48x48. In this case, resize the image. * Synchronization blocks more precise in the SearchEngine to avoid long blocking time. 1.0.4 Beta * Add Twitter feature * Adjust the camera in function of the index of the search result rendered, to have a better render (especially avoid to deform the image due to perspective) 1.0.3 Beta * Add support for Linux and Windows x64 arch 1.0.2 Beta * Enhancement of performances * Create ByteBuffer from BufferedImage take quite some time, so cache of the pending file to improve performances * Bug when browsing the last page of the search * Bug in the conversion of image to bytebuffer, the transparent color of png or gif resource file was render black * Improve the FileSearchResult, when a picture is found, draw a thumbnail of the picture instead of the icon * Busy component that is activated when searching (replace the GlassPane that cause some trouble with the OGL component) 1.0.1 Beta * Implementation of SystemFileSearchEngine * Simplify draw image process in the abstract SearchResult class * Add a CancelMonitor system in the search algo, to be able to stop the search * Synchronize the SearchProvider * Synchronize the OGLPanel * Delete useless code * First build on sourceforge 1.0.0 Beta * First build * Design and implementation of the SearchEngine, the SearchResult * Implementation of the GoogleSearchEngine integrating Google Youtube API, * Implementation of the BingSearchEngine integrating Bind Web, Image and Video API * Implementation of the OGLPanel to display results in an OpenGL panel * build.xml * DescriptionEditorPane displaying results in an HTML format * Rest of the GUI
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