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About OpenGL4Net

OpenGL4Net is a simple wrapper of OpenGL for .NET platform. The main idea of the library is to keep the syntax as close as possible to the C style and on the other hand, provide some overloaded functions that simplifies the development of .NET application.

The library also contains some helper classes to make a development really fast (e.g., class RenderContext for opening the OpenGL context; or class Program for loading, compilink and linking shaders).

It also contains some basic classes for math - vectors and matrices.


  • Rev. <number>/OpenGL4Net.cs - sourcecode of the library could be directly included in your project
  • Rev. <number>/OpenGL4Net_nodoc.cs - sourcecode of the library without OpenGL documentation comments (no intellisense)
  • Rev. <number>/OpenGL4Net.xml - documentation file for intellisense
  • Rev. <number>/x86/OpenGL4Net.dll - compiled library for windows x86 platform
  • Rev. <number>/x64/OpenGL4Net.dll - compiled library for windows x64 platform

  • Rev. <number>/ - simple example (needs x86/OpenGL4Net.dll)

Version History

Long term and current tasks

Possible changes:

  • Should the library contain function names with extension suffix? (e.g., ActiveTexture and ActiveTextureARB)

Known issues:

  • Possible problems with opencl binding (long term).
  • Some datatypes may be binded incorrectly (long term).

Revision 37, 2013-03-15

Internal changes



Revision 36, 2013-02-14


  • Added bool gl.Extension.isSupported(string) function.


  • Creating 3.0 or 3.1 context does not fail on NVidia drivers (problem with CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK).
  • Asking for max. multisampling on device without MS support now returns valid non-MS context.
  • Some small changes in documentation to cover more extensions (SGIX_fragment_lighting, AMD_vertex_shader_tesselator etc.).
  • SGIX functions names are fixed.

Revision 35, 2012-12-06


  • First release on SourceForge.
  • OpenGL 4.3 support.
  • New classes Vector[234][fd] and Matrix[fd] should be used instead of Vector[234] and Matrix.
Source:, updated 2013-03-15