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  • I Really consider this app the best software I at all times used! => consider having a look at this site for Free keys :

  • can only compress using the gui,does not compress using the command line even if you specify -compression=gzip or bzip. does not support stdout or stderr so you will not be able to output -list parameter result to a text file for later parsing

  • Much promise but only sees windows disks at the moment. My other FS partitions are not visible. I can overwrite the entire disk but what good is that.

  • It can backup and restore disk as expected. However, the disk images seem not to follow the common “raw image” format, so they cannot be mounted or restored by other software.

  • VERY GOOD TOOL Can you use High Compression FOR REDUSING SIZE FILES

  • Good and useful software

  • Great project

  • works very nice (recovery with hirens bootcd) - only thing missing is to restore a single file/folder from the image (there is no image browser) - because of that i have to keep driveimage xml - unfortunately

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  • Very straightforward. Simple. I have tested it on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 without a problem. Keep up the good work and perhaps add scheduling built-in to the GUI.

  • I hope this project continues to develop, as it is very useful to have a disk imaging utility that can be run fully from the command line, and thus via scripts. It is also good that an option to split the image into chunks is included. However, at present, it is practical only to run it in that way, as it is very slow (even without 'chunking'). Imaging a system partition containing ~35GB data to file on another partition on the same physical disk takes nearly an hour at ~10MB/s (Intel Core i3@2.53GHz, SATA-II 320GB). SelfImage (not command line enabled, nor 'chunkable') manages ~40MB/s, and is thus a better option for attended imaging.

  • It seems to be a really nice project. It definitely needs some work, but I give it 7/10 stars for functionality and effort.

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  • very good project