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README 2013-04-10 8.0 kB 0
Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_sourceforge_readme.txt 2013-04-10 8.2 kB 88 weekly downloads
Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_pkgs_20130402.7z 2013-04-10 53.1 MB 1212 weekly downloads
Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_20130408.7z 2013-04-10 156.9 MB 2525 weekly downloads
Totals: 4 Items   210.0 MB 45
Octave-3.6.4-mingw + octaveforge pkgs 1. Files for manual installation a. Octave-3.6.4-mingw binaries tree Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_20130408.7z - MD5:9406B417943632F49CEB1232F8D2F874 This is a 7z archive which includes a directory tree of all the binaries and libraries required for a complete octave installation (excluding octaveforge packages) The archive includes: octave-3.6.4 including PDF documentation (built using Tatsuro Matsuka OctaveLibs and gplibs http://www.tatsuromatsuoka.com/octave/Eng/Win/) mingw32 + msys tool chain gnuplot-4.6.0 fig2dev-3.2.5c ghostscript-9.0.7 pstoedit-3.61 Optional blas libs replacements: <your_install_dir>\bin directory includes several libblas.dll.<libblas_source> where <libblas_source> is a text extension which describes the source of the library libblas.dll.ref - reference blas implementation, very slow but most stable libblas.dll.OpenBLAS-v2.6.0-0-54e7b37_dynamicarch_nt4 - Openblas based, up to 4 threads, detects cpu architecture and selects respective lib libblas.dll.OpenBLAS-v2.6.0-0-54e7b37_nehalem_nt4 - Openblas based, up to 4 threads, tuned for nehalem cpu architecture libblas.dll.OpenBLAS-v2.6.0-0-54e7b37_core2_nt4 - Openblas based, up to 4 threads, tuned for core2 cpu architecture libblas.dll.OpenBLAS-v2.6.0-0-54e7b37_sandybridge_nt4 - Openblas based, up to 4 threads, tuned for sandybridge cpu architecture libblas.dll.OpenBLAS-v2.6.0-0-54e7b37_atom_nt4 - Openblas based, up to 4 threads, tuned for atom cpu architecture libblas.dll.altas-3.8.4_ht-pentium - ATLAS based libblass, tuned for older ht-pentium (compiled by Tatsuro Matsuka) libblas.dll.altas-3.8.4_corei5 - ATLAS based libblass, tuned for older core i5 cpu (compiled by Tatsuro Matsuka) Default installed libblas.dll.OpenBLAS-v2.6.0-0-54e7b37_dynamicarch_nt4 which intended to automatically detect the cpu architecture and select a respectively tuned library In case the default library is not properly functioning on the actual cpu, or you wish to explore the performance with another liblas.dll.<libblas_source> it can be manually selected to replace the default one: delete <your_install_dir>\bin\libblas.dll make a copy of the desired <your_install_dir>\bin\libblas.dll.<libblas_source> rename the copy of the desired <your_install_dir>\bin\libblas.dll.<libblas_source> to libblas.dll Maintainer: Nitzan Arazi Latest update: 2013-04-08 b. Octaveforge pkgs, built for Octave-3.6.4-mingw Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_pkgs_20130402.7z - MD5:3FF28DC14F44D85E528AB12A39983D16 This is a 7z archive which includes additional binaries and libraries for a set of octaveforge packages. The included packages are: actuarial-1.1.0 ad-1.0.6_patched audio-1.1.4 benchmark-1.1.1 bim-1.1.1 bioinfo-0.1.2 cgi-0.1.0 civil-engineering-1.0.7 combinatorics-2.0.0 communications-1.1.1_patched control-2.4.2 data-smoothing-1.3.0 dataframe-0.9.1 econometrics-1.1.1 fenv-0.1.0 financial-0.4.0 fits-1.0.2 fpl-1.3.3 fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.2 ga-0.10.0 general-1.3.2 generate_html-0.1.5 geometry-1.6.0 gnuplot-1.0.1 gsl-1.0.8 ident-1.0.7 image-2.0.0 informationtheory-0.1.8 integration-1.0.7_svn20120128 io-1.2.1 irsa-1.0.7 java-1.2.9_patched linear-algebra-2.2.0 lssa-0.1.2 mapping-1.0.7 mechanics-1.3.1 miscellaneous-1.2.0 missing-functions-1.0.2 msh-1.0.6 multicore-0.2.15 nan-2.5.5 ncarray-1.0.0 nlwing2-1.2.0 nnet-0.1.13 nurbs-1.3.6 ocs-0.1.3_svn20120128_patched octcdf-1.1.5 octclip-1.0.3 octgpr-1.2.0 octproj-1.1.2 odebvp-1.0.6 odepkg-0.8.4 optim-1.2.2 optiminterp-0.3.4 outliers-0.13.9 physicalconstants-1.0.0 plot-1.1.0 quaternion-2.0.2 queueing-1.2.1 secs1d-0.0.9 secs2d-0.0.8 secs3d-0.0.1 signal-1.2.1 simp-1.1.0 sockets-1.0.8_patched specfun-1.1.0 special-matrix-1.0.7 splines-1.1.2 statistics-1.2.0 strings-1.1.0_patched struct-1.0.10 symband-1.0.10 symbolic-1.1.0 tcl-octave-0.1.8 time-2.0.0 tsa-4.2.4 video-1.0.2_patched vrml-1.0.13_patched windows-1.2.1 xraylib-1.0.8 zenity-0.5.7 Maintainer: Nitzan Arazi Latest update: 2013-04-02 2. Manual installation instructions Create an installation directory of which doesn't have space chars (i.e. C:\Octave\Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2\). This directory is referred hereafter as <your_install_dir>. Extract the complete directories tree from Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_20130408.7z to the installation directory keeping the original directory structure as in the archive (you can use 7-zip tool from http://www.7-zip.org/). Copy octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2.lnk to any convenient location and edit its properties respectively to point to <your_install_dir>\bin\octave.exe and <octave-dir>\doc\octave\icons\octave-logo.ico as an icon Note for windows 8 users: As a workaround for a gnulib windows 8 compatibility bug, keep command the line switches ' -i --line-editing' in the octave.exe shortcut (i.e. <octave-dir>\bin\octave.exe -i --line-editing) Copy octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_docs.lnk to any convenient location and edit its properties respectively to point to <your_install_dir>\doc\octave and <octave-dir>\doc\octave\icons\octave-logo.ico as an icon. At this point you can: a. Launch and use octave by double-clicking the copied octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2.lnk b. Access and browse the documentation files by double-clicking the copied octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_docs.lnk 3. Manual installation instructions for the Octave-forge packages Extract the complete directories tree from Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_pkgs_20130402.7z to the installation directory (<your_install_dir>) keeping the original directory structure as in the archive (you can use 7zip tool from http://www.7-zip.org/). In order to update octave_packages database with your installation tree and auto-load most packages (excluding some packages that may not be auto-loaded as default), launch Octave and execute the following 3 rebuild commands from the octave console: pkg rebuild -auto pkg rebuild -noauto ad % may crash octave when loaded and 'clear all' is executed pkg rebuild -noauto nan % shadows many statistics functions pkg rebuild -noauto gsl % shadows some core functions pkg rebuild -auto java Last pkg rebuild command is required in order for the java pkg entry to be moved to the top of <your_install_dir>\share\octave\octave_packages db file - thus java pkg is loaded before io pkg is loaded, and io pkg related jars are added to java class path. You can optionally adjust your installed packages status per your specific needs and usage by executing the following commands: a. To interactively load or unload a package pkg load <pkg_name> or pkg unload <pkg_name> b. To disable auto-load for specific pkg <pkg_name> pkg rebuild -noauto <pkg_name> c. To enable auto-load for specific pkg <pkg_name> pkg rebuild -auto <pkg_name> d. To completely uninstall a package pkg uninstall <pkg_name> 4. Optional installation of Notepad++ as an editor (recommended) Download recent Notepad++ installation package from http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ and install it on your system. Edit <your_install_dir>\share\octave\site\m\startup\octaverc and un-comment the line which sets octave default editor: EDITOR('C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe'); or for win64 systems: EDITOR('C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe'); Note: You may adjust the above line for the location of notepad++.exe as installed on your system. 5. Troubleshooting Upon launching, some warnings may be displayed. These warnings can be ignored. Following warnings are about missing external tools which may reduce some of the functions of some packages. These external tools are not provided by the 7z archives in sourceforge. warning: gmsh does not seem to be present some functionalities will be disabled warning: dx does not seem to be present some functionalities will be disabled Following warning is about fstat function of the statistics package that overloads the old (to be deprecated) fstat function of octave-3.6.4 warning: function C:\Octave\3.6.4_gcc-4.6.2\share\octave\packages\statistics-1.2.0\fstat.m shadows a core library function
Source: README, updated 2013-04-10

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